Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time to pass those awards on!

Don't tell a soul, but I am the world's worst procrastinator! I've been meaning and meaning to pass on the awards I have so generously been given for ages now and have simply not got around to it. Yesterday Wayfarer Scientista left a comment which finally nudged me into action.

But I am still going to take the easy way out - I find it SO difficult to choose who to give awards to, how do you narrow it down? Each of the blogs I read is unique and special in its own right. So I'm going to cheat and give the awards to everyone on my blog roll. So without further ado, I award MY BLOGROLL the following awards:

If you are on my blogroll (it's down there on the left) please accept these awards (don't be shy now!) with gratitude for keeping me entertained most days, for warming my heart on bad days and for actually keeping me sane some days!


Regina said...

Hey Gil!
You surely deserve these awards and more!
Thanks for sharing the love as you pass them on to others!

Simone said...


Nice way to "cheat".

Thank you. I shall accept.

baby~amore' said...

hi Gill - thanks I was popping in to say hello and catch up.
That is a good way to spread the love.

redness said...

Hi Gill I miss you blogging and am honoured to accept these awards ... simply by being on your blog roll ??? What a kind and generous gesture! Thank YOU xxx

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