Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

Love it or loathe it, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I love Valentine’s Day, I always have. I know it is becoming a money-making racket, it’s over-commercialised and kitschy, but a whole day dedicated to LOVE – I think that’s a brilliant concept! Heaven knows, in the crime-filled, jaded world we live in, a little love might be just what we all need.

This year Rox and I went with Paula to buy her first ever Valentine’s card. (At the ripe old age of 12, she has fallen in love!) The purchasing of this all-important momento of first love was so sweet and such fun. Paula browsed the shelves of cards on offer for ages, while Rox and I offered loads of unsolicited advice. The card had to be “just right”; it couldn’t be too soppy, too serious or too rude (I should think not!) and I tell you what - finding this perfect card was no easy task! Having finally made her choice, she was too shy to walk to the check-out and pay for it, so that task was left to me ;-)

I can still remember receiving my first Valentine card. I was 12 years old at the time. I arrived at school on Valentine’s Day, opened my desk and there it was! It was a big, pink card, with a picture of a fat little cupid on the front. And it was mine! I can remember floating around on cloud nine the whole day and I kept that card for years.

So maybe the fond memories of that first Valentine have clouded my judgment and made me a sucker when it comes to Valentine’s Day? I don’t know, but whatever the reason, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I plan to have a love-filled, red and white, chocolate and champagne day!


Anonymous said...

omg...this is such a sweet post!
Your 12 year old in love and searching for the PERFECT valentine!
You are such a terrific mama to support her in this first of many, many, more important Valentine's Days.

Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I have many fond memories of Valentine's Day when I was young. Now a days I feel its just another commercial holiday. I think you should show love all year long, not on one specific day of the year.

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