Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cape Trip - Part Two

As mentioned in my first post about our trip to Cape Town, we drove to Cape Town, via Port Elizabeth

The trip through the Eastern Cape was quite hum-drum and boring on the whole. Having said that, just outside Mthatha is a cluster of small villages called Qunu (pronounced koo-noo) and this is where Nelson Mandela spent his childhood and where he has his retirement home. We found the drive through this area quite fascinating. It’s hard to imagine that a statesman of the stature of Nelson Mandela came from an area as humble as Qunu. Just goes to show that great things can come from small beginnings.

I believe that the Nelson Mandela Museum is in Mthatha and I’d really love to see that sometime, but when you have a couple of hours on the road behind you and many more hours on the road ahead of you (and innumerable stop/start sort of roadworks) you don’t really want to dilly-dally in Mthatha!

We spent the night in Port Elizabeth and the next morning we were up bright and early to continue on our trip to Cape Town, along the Garden Route. On the way we stopped at the Storms River Bridge, at the “Big Tree” in Tsitsikamma and at the Knysna Quays (lots of lovely little shops!).

Storms River Bridge

View from the bridge

We just love Knysna and have decided that we need to plan a holiday there in the not too distant future. There is just so much to do in that area and it is so, so beautiful!

Paula at the Knysna Quays


Tammy said...

Nelson Mandela's humble beginings probably is where his passion was born.

Wish I could have gone too. ;)


Marsha said...

I think I would love to visit this area someday!

Thanks for the recap and the photos... I'll be looking for part two!

Redness said...

Welcome Back Gill! The scenery is beautiful! Hope you're rested and ready to blog again! Missed YOU! xx

Just Jen said...

that bridge height or the ravine's depth depending on your point of view, is very scary to me! I'm glad I got to see it with a picture! Relaxing and boring isn't such a bad thing when you have a long drive :D

Regina said...

Hey Gill,
What great information! and nice pictures!

Simone said...

Don't you just love our country!

Jeanne said...

Ooooh, homesick now. I'm from Port Elizabeth so on our recent trip we flew into Cape Town (where hubby is from) and drove the entire length of the Garden Route and back. The biltong at that Storms River Petroport shop is The Best - hope you grabbed a bag when you were there :)

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