Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cape Trip - Part Four

On the Sunday we decided to take a drive out to Fairview Wine Estate, which is in the Paarl area. The Western Cape region is renowned for its wineries. There are numerous wine routes that you can drive along at your leisure, stopping at whichever wineries take your fancy. At the outset we had decided to skip the whole “Wine Route” thing and head to only one winery, choosing one which Paula would enjoy as much as Grant and I would. Fairview is an absolutely charming winery, complete with the cutest little goat tower to greet you as you arrive. They produce marvellous wines as well as delicious cheeses.

We had a fantastic time at Fairview. Paula loved watching the goats, Grant and I thoroughly enjoyed tasting wines - we fell in love with their “Bored Doe” (actually we loved most of the red wines, but Bored Doe was our favourite, favourite) and we all really enjoyed the cheese tasting and having lunch in The Goatshed. We left laden with wines, cheeses and T-shirts… how touristy can you get!

Please hop over and have a look at Cooksister’s posts here and here, in which she gives lots of fascinating information about Fairview and explains how the estate came to have a range of wine intriguingly called “Goats Do Roam”.

On our way back to Cape Town we drove through Stellenbosch, stopping for a browse through Oom Samie se Winkel (Afrikaans for Uncle Samie’s shop) – a fascinating old shop, which truly reflects how locals used to trade 100 years ago.

I must mention that most of the photos taken on our Cape trip were taken by Paula – thanks babe, you did a splendid job!


Tammy said...

That was a great vacation Gill!

btw I loved the rare family photo.


Linda said...

What fun it must be to visit a winery. I've tagged you so stop by when you have time.

Simone said...

Great pictures.
I am really enjoying the virtual tour - you know I only stay a few km outside of Stellenbosch and I have not been in that shop!

Regina said...

What great memories! next time I should go with you!

Jeanne said...

We also went to Fairview - it's one of my all-time favourite wineries! I love those goats in their tower, and the cheeses are outstanding. We also had lunch at the Goatshed and I was very impressed!

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