Monday, April 21, 2008


While parking at the local shopping mall today I noticed 5 vehicles bearing Zimbabwe registration plates in close proximity to my parking space. Driving down the main road in my area you are bound to see at least a couple of cars from Zim. It is glaringly obvious that at the moment we have A LOT of visitors from our neighbouring country, reason being the utter turmoil that, that country has been plunged into since the recent elections.

I don’t know how much publicity the dire situation in Zimbabwe is getting in the overseas media, but in all likelihood it is not enough. The fact is that the situation in Zimbabwe is reaching a crisis point. Cooksister recently posted a link to this blog, which gives a very clear picture regarding what is happening there. I appeal to you to read this blog and inform yourself as to what is happening to the people of Zimbabwe and then please pass this information on. It is time that the world stopped and took notice, even if it is only at a rate of one blogger at a time.

How can you help on a personal level? Easy! Visit one of the following websites:

Dignity! Period is a campaign that provides sanitary products for the women of Zimbabwe who can’t afford this basic right. Please have a look at their website for info on how you can help these women to regain some personal dignity.

• Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change has issued an urgent appeal for medical supplies as well as funds for medical costs, food and legal assistance. Make a donation at this site.

• Sign the petition to stop the arms shipment to Zimbabwe here

Come people, let's do something NOW!

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Jeanne said...

So great to see you posting this Gill. I get the feeling that most of the SOuth African blogosphere is sayign very little abotu this, apart from the political commentary sites. I feel that as a blogger with international readership I have a moral duty to try and publicise as much as possible what is going on, in the hope that international exposure will make it harder for Mugabe to rape his country and people. When I see pictures of him and our very own Thabo Mbeki last week wearing flower garlands and holding hands (!?), I am ashamed to be a South African.

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