Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update 2

I'm just checking in to let you know that I am still alive and kicking!

My mom went home on Saturday and although she seemed to find the whole business of being moved again quite confusing and traumatic, she has settled really well and is doing nicely. She is eating small amounts of food, which is very encouraging (what she eats in a day wouldn't keep me going for 5 minutes, but in her terms it's a LOT of food!) Mentally she is vastly improved now that she is in her own surroundings, she knows what is what and is not horribly confused like she was before. Her feet and lower legs swelled up quite dramatically last week, so we saw her GP, who said it is to do with her liver not functioning properly - he has given her medication for it and it seems to be improving.

So at the moment we are hopeful that for the time being she is happy and feeling better and we are coping well with the situation. We are under no illusions that she is ever going to recover completely, but for now she is okay.

1 comment:

baby~amore' said...

Glad there is some good news of sorts.
It must be very difficult for you to make these decisions for your Mother.

Thanks for updating us I was thinking of you the other day when I knew there had been no updates in my feed reader.

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