Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best and worst feelings

I’ve been tagged by Tamara of Doodles of a Journo , who started this interesting meme:

The deal is you have to list your five best and five worst feelings:

Nausea. Fortunately I hardly ever suffer from nausea, but when I do I am such a baby. It is quite ridiculous, I actually cry when I vomit – okay waaay too much information eh?

Needing the loo when there is no loo available. I reckon I have one of the smallest bladders in the universe and have been known to wee on the side of the road in an emergency! (I'm really letting it all hang out today, aren't I?)

That stone in the stomach feeling as you wake up in the morning after a terrible event and the memory of that event comes back to you, when you wish you could just go back to sleep and not have to deal with it. It is a horrible, horrible feeling.

Panic. I went through a period of having panic attacks. Until you have been there you just don’t know how awful it is, believe me!

When you have done something really, really embarrassing and you then have to face the person who saw you make a total twit of yourself. Cringe-making.

Anticipation – any kind of pleasurable anticipation: settling down to watch a movie I have looked forward to seeing, snuggling down with a good book, staring into the foam on top of a red cappuccino (too, too delish), browsing through the menu at a good Italian restaurant….

Looking at my daughters – that indescribable feeling of pride, joy and love

Snuggling with a pet (human, canine or feline, I’m not fussy) – cuddling up on my bed with my dog and cat is one of my favourite things

Falling in love – nothing compares with that tummy turning, heart pumping, exhilarating feeling of being in love (okay it’s been something like….gosh, 24 years!!?? since I last felt it, but I remember it well!)

Slipping into a warm, scented bath in Winter

Anyone who would like to jump in and do this meme, please feel free – leave a comment for me (and perhaps one for Tamara too) so that I can pop by and see what you’re feeling ;-)

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Yay for you! Great answers. I cannot understand how you can like a red cappuccino, but I'm so with you on the hot bath in winter!

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