Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Come As You Are

I saw this on eLuckypacket and Sweetney and for some unknown reason, felt inclined to humiliate myself by taking part...... (I think I am in serious need of therapy!)

So here I am, unmade-up, badly in need of a haircut and some highlights, battle scarred and weather-beaten:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to post a photo of yourself taken right now.

No running to the dressing table for a touch up! Just grab your camera and snap. Then post your photo on your blog and share the link in comments here. .

If you're a flickr member also add your photo to the Come As You Are pool here: Come As You Are

Go for it! You know you want to!


Tamara said...

You're very into memes right now. I'm loving it. And I'm planning to steal some more ;-)

Linda said...

You are lovely without your makeup. I won't participate, because I won't even go to the mail box without my eye liner.

The Jackson Files said...

I have just done this and I will put it up on my blog right now.

btw. I LOVED the story of your daughter growing her hair in the corners. I laughed out loud. Such an apt description.

Simone said...

You look great.

18 more days before I move !!

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