I think I might be getting......O.L.D!

I pride myself on being quite in touch with popular music. I wouldn't know Beethoven's 1st symphony if it bit me on the bum; but ask me what that song is playing on the radio and I can probably tell you. Reason being that I generally like that song that's currently playing on the radio. I enjoy pop music.

I also like it that my kids can say to me "Mom who sings this song?" and I can nonchalantly, but with just a touch of self-pride, say "Oh, that's the latest one by Duffy"

I get a kick out of the fact that I can roll my eyes with the girls when we are chatting about Timbaland and Grant says "It's strange, but for some reason I thought his surname was Timberlake" Truly, that poor husband of mine hasn't got a clue!

So imagine my distress when Paula comes hurtling into my room, clutching her iPod and asks me to listen to this cool new song she has downloaded...... and I HATE it! So she plays me another one and I HATE it even more...... and then I find myself saying "Paula turn that off, it's not music, it's noise!"

Oh my word! What happened to the Gill that I knew and had come to love?? She has been replaced with an OLD BAG!


Le Butterfly said...


Reminds me of when I said something and realised that I sounded just like my mother - hehehe

I also like to think of myself as Liberal and Open but I realise that I am not open and liberal on all issues. Go figure...

Jeanne said...

And what were the songs? C'mon - share!!

I carried on listening to dance music & general chart music far more suitable to teenagers until I moved over here to the UK in 2002. Then, because my husband is not much into music, and because the music on the radio here is either a) ancient or b) R&B which I can't stand, I just kind of stopped listening to new stuff. Sure, I could still sing along to Depeche Mode, The Police, OMD, Faithless etc etc, but Coldplay & Radiohead & Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers passed me by. Until 2 years ago when my brother gave me a severe talking-to about not abandoning music because it touches some part of you that is independent of age/place/time - think how hearing a particular song maes you actually FEEL 18 again!

And that's when I discovered Coldplay, The Killers, The Arcade Fire and... My Chemical Romance. Whose principal audience is aged about 16. I know this because I had a spare ticket to their concert and went with a friend's 15-yr old daughtyer who now thinks I am the coolest grown-up in the world ;-) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music!