Thursday, June 05, 2008

Introducing Zip

I just realised that I have neglected to introduce the newest member of our family to you.

Allow me to introduce my darling boy, Zip:

Isn't he splendid?
Zip could not have arrived in our lives at a worse possible moment. Rox phoned me from work a couple of weeks back (when my life was completely insane!) and asked if she could bring home a little kitten...... I was at a very weak point and didn't have it in me to put up a fight, Grant was less of a pushover, but ultimately Rox arrived home bearing the cute little ball of fluff and assorted kitty paraphernalia.
Now bear in mind that our dogs had never ever met a kitty at all, ever. To put you in the picture: we have two "outside dogs", Chloe and Nala - they are our watch dogs (well that's the theory!) and they don't come inside and then we have Jax who is as close to a princess as something with 4 legs can get. Jax lives inside, on whichever lap or bed is available!
To prepare ourselves for the task of introducing Princess Jax to the feline addition to the family, I turned to the acknowledged expert in these situations...... the internet. From what I could gather, the best approach would be to shower Jax with love and attention (what's new?) and assure her that she was under no threat whatsoever. We had to convince her that this cat entering the bosom of her family was a very positive thing! Okaaay. What to do when said kitty cat does nothing but spit and hiss everytime Jax comes near? What to do when Jax looks at the cat and positively droools (I kid you not)???
Let's just say that 3 days later we were no nearer to introducing these two in a positive and warm-hearted manner! We were living in an atmosphere that can only be described as a war-zone! It was awful. We couldn't allow the four-legged duo in sight of each other unless they were both being forcibly restrained.
At this point I threw my own hissy-fit and declared the experiment a failure, in fact a fiasco, and instructed Rox to return said Kitty-cat to his previous owner. Grant got home to hysterics all round. At which point he told us to stop being ridiculous, he would solve the problem in no time at all if we would just leave it to him. So we dried our tears and did just that!
Grant did everything that we had deliberately tried to avoid - he shouted at Jax and told her she was being a right little bitch! He smacked her hard on the bottom when she tried to eat the kitten for lunch. He spoke to her in a deep and threatening voice everytime she came near to the cat and told her he was watching her. With in 3 hours we had this scene happening on my bed (notice: no drool!)

By the end of day one, these two were firm friends! We were utterly gobsmacked! I sat and watched them gambolling about on the bed playfully, with my mouth hanging open. Grant was of course overcome at his own cleverness and has yet to let us live it down! Men!


baby~amore' said...

what a cute story Gill - Zip is splendid.
WE got a new kitten , Matilda -thought she gets Kitteh more often.
She didn't like the dog and he eyed her suspiciously - now she eats out of his bowl.
He could eat her in one bite (Blue Cattle dog 20 kgs or more) she barely 1kg I reckon.

Tamara said...

Awwww... I wants another kitteh!

Yes, Grant will now think that this great trick of his means he is absolved from all other duties for a period of weeks. So it is with men.

nikita said...

Cute...doggie and cattie...longing for mine!!

Jeanne said...

LOL - that's a totally hilarious story! Don't you just hate it when hubbies are so smugly RIGHT about something? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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