Monday, July 07, 2008

The birds and the bees....

After I had posted about Paula being so different to Rox, in my previous post, it got me thinking and I now realise I was actually talking a load of nonsense when I said that bringing up Paula has been very similar to bringing up Rox until now. Paula has, in many ways, always being very different to Rox. For instance in the matter of learning about “the facts of life” Paula was waaaay different!

A long time ago I had decided that my approach to “awkward subjects” would be to volunteer unasked for information only if I felt it was necessary at any given time, but otherwise to wait until my children asked questions. And when they did, I planned to be scrupulously honest and matter of fact, no ducking and diving and definitely no ridiculous talk of storks or birds and bees. Bear in mind that I came to this decision prior to the arrival of Paula!

Rox never asked any questions about the facts of life, ever! I eventually sat her down and had “a talk” when I felt it was important that she knew this stuff and I’ve had the odd chat with her since, as and when I felt it was necessary. She obviously found these “chats” quite interesting, but has never pursued the subject or asked any further questions. Simple. Easy. Then came Paula!

There was a period in my life when I actually had the time and the inclination to watch “The Bold and the Beautiful” and my girls would often be hanging around in the room while I watched. Big mistake, huge! One day, while I was innocently watching the soap, 6 year old Paula asked me how come Rick and Amber were having a baby when they weren’t married. I explained that you didn’t actually have to be married to have a baby and pointed out that her Uncle Geoff had a baby and he wasn’t married.

“Then how do they get the baby?” she asked. “Well, they love each other very much and then the baby comes” I explained (much to Rox’s obvious amusement). “But how does it get there?” she asked, completely fascinated, Barbie dangling, forgotten from her hand.

I was beginning to squirm a little at this point! “Well, the mom and dad go to bed together and love each other and the dad plants a seed in the mommy and then the baby grows” I explained, really hoping that this would be enough satisfy her curiosity (while Rox writhed about on the couch in spasms of hilarity, not helping my stress levels in the slightest.) No such luck!

“A seed!” she exclaimed incredulously, “What kind of a seed? How does he put it in the mommy’s tummy?” Barbie was unceremoniously flung on the floor and Paula was on my lap in a flash for a full and detailed explanation. And when I say detailed, I mean detailed! She wasn’t satisfied until she had been given a blow by blow account of the act in all its glory.

Oh my soul! And her at the ripe old age of six! I was SO wishing I had rather conjured up a couple of storks!


Tammy said...

TeeHee, really fun read Gill. I raised two girls and they were and are very different. Now that they are 23 and 24 I'm constantly saying "I never raised you that way." ;)

They are individuals the whole way.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tamara said...

So funny! "The talk" is always an interesting point of discussion. My mom's a doctor, so I got the medical textbook.

baby~amore' said...

hilarious our 15 yr at 6 watche dthe BBC human body birth video and told his kinder teacher all the gory details of a vaginal birth .I burnt the noodles I was cooking getting to the 'bottom' of the story.

At 10 when we told him I was pregnant with Charlotte he was disgusted - "you mean you do it"

at 12 when we told him it was twins
"how you going to push two of them out" -we almost choked on our breakfast.

Just Jen said...

I know the feeling. My eldest wanted to know each and every detail, it was at the point where I pulled out books and it was all very scientific, until he was older (11) and then had the 'other' questions about oral sex...augh
and where was their father to explain to these boys? he suddenly was
My youngest however wants to know nothing. he asked once and i gave him the love each other go to bed answer like you did. he asked why girls don't have privates like boys and i told him i have a book at home that we can go through if he wants (we were driving in the car and he was asking about circumcision cuz a friend of his had to have one at 8 yrs old) he just said...ewwwww....i don't want to know that yet...LOL
so i wait...

Just Jen said...

oh and the 'how does the baby come out' eldest thought I peed my youngest out! He was 5 when his little brother was

nikita said...

my daughter was still in Nursery school - 4 yrs - and we drove home that particular day when she suddenly asked where she'd come from and i told her the "story" of daddy's seed that got "planted" in mummy and she grew etc... (we were having a garden and she used to help my hubby with all the greens and was always planting all sorts of she knew about beans and seeds etc...)and out of the blue she asked me if it was a BEAN SEED!! whawhawhawha...that was SOOOoooooo funny!! we're still laughing about it!!

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