Friday, July 04, 2008

The bliss that is an hormonal teenager

Something that really baffles me is how two girls can grow up in the same family, with the same parents, experiencing pretty much the same things and yet end up completely different. Roxy and Paula could not be more different if they were totally unrelated. Now this isn’t entirely a bad thing, I mean I wouldn’t want a couple of clones in my family, but right now it would help a lot if they were more similar.

When Paula was little, dealing with the particular issues that each stage in her development brought with it seemed quite easy because I had travelled that road before. Babyhood honestly didn’t hold too many surprises for me second time round, as I had “been there and done that” with Rox. I had all the background information and I was cruising, with only the odd little bump in the road here and there. Toddlerhood was a breeze, I had faced the same issues with Rox and this time round all the answers seemed to be right there at my fingertips. I naively assumed that this would be the case through all the stages of Paula’s life.

Oh boy, was I wrong! Up until now it has all gone according to plan, but as Paula hurtles into teenagedom, I am fast realising that I haven’t got a cooking clue what I am doing!
What worked for Rox when she was 13, doesn’t even come close to working for Paula! This teenager is a completely different animal to the teenager that was Rox. Brace yourselves people, we are in for a rough ride!


Just Jen said...

HUGS!! My first is in teenagedom and I`ve already gone off the deep end a few times. Once I even yelled in a store-teen for sale! LOL He`s 14 and this is my first experience with teen years directly (nephews and niece indirectly)
My youngest has a few years before he gets there and I`m hoping he just skips the teens or goes away for 5 years and comes back a good well adjusted
If we survive this bumpy ride, then we can do anything!! ;)
I call my eldest Fred when he takes that `this can`t be my kid` persona. That sweet kind compassionate teen or angry, sultry, mouthy teen....ah which one is it today? LOL

Marsha said...

I am constantly amazed at how different people can be who come from the same genes, the same home, the same parenting, and very similar experiences. Obviously, there is more to life than all the behavioral specialists can ever know. Makes life quite interesting doesn't it!

Hang in there or maybe just hang on for dear life! lol

Wanted to tell you to certainly feel free to do your interviews. I would love to read them. I think I will try to do one a month or something like that. I loved the time with Sarah on my first one!

Oh, I also wanted to comment on some of your posts about the problems in your country but I think I'd like to read your posts again and visit the links you provided first. You know, I sometimes feel the same about living in the state of Louisiana, here in the U.S. Lots of frustration and a long story best saved for another time.

Take care Gill!

nikita said...

I have 2 teenagers too...they are different as day/'s true what you say...and you can't believe that they are from the same parents.. ;) but i think we're lucky, as they are really easy comparing to what i've seen... so i can't really complain... ;)

Claire said...

Every child is going to be different. You are learning about them everyday as they are learning about yourself. If you do struggle visit im sure someone is going through wat you are going through and is willing to give advice.

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