Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cat fight!

You may remember that I introduced my handsome little tom-cat, Zip, a couple of weeks back? Well we are having a rather unexpected problem with my Zippity-boo!

On Monday night we were woken up by horrific shrieks emanating from the kitchen (very heart-stopping I tell ya!) On investigation we discovered that a large, smelly stray cat had come into the house (the cheek of it!) and was attacking my "little boy". Zip was beside himself, as was his mother. After all, he is still quite little and this was a full-grown "man of the streets" attacking him. We chased the invader out and I took Zip into bed with me and calmed him down. Not 1/2 hour later we heard noises in the kitchen and the invader was back, eating Zip's food. Grant dispatched him again and peace was restored.

Last night we had a repeat performance! This is not doing our sleep patterns any good and it is turning my poor Zippity into a nervous wreck. Does anyone have any advice for me?

The cat is getting in through an open window, but the thing is we need to have the windows open as we live in a very warm climate, I can't imagine us sleeping with all the windows shut, we would asphyxiate! Quite why our watch-dogs are allowing this to happen I don't know, shows what a lot of good they are ;-)

Any thoughts, help or sympathy would be greatly appreciated...


Addie said...

Sympathy is all I can offer ... poor little kitty !!!

Linda said...

I'm seeing kitty stories everywhere today! Maybe it's the full moon.

All I can offer is sympathy.

Just Jen said...

spray bottles with a mixture of vinegar and water
if that doesn't work, some sort of screening on the windows?
I know boiling hot water works but I have never had the heart to do that.
can you call the animal shelter to come get the stray?
oh your poor little Zip! I have a new kitten too and that would just break my heart!

Rox said...

Sjoe, that's a tough one. I agree that some sort of screening would be the best bet.

You could also try keeping Zip inside the bathroom or a bedroom with a litter box and food for a few nights, then if the cat appears you can give him a good spray of water (or water and vinegar for good measure!) so he gets the message. May have to do that a few times, but it would at least hopefully get the message across.

My 2 cats have been inside cats most of their lives as I live in a flat (and technically I am only allowed 1 cat) so luckily they have never had any exposure to fights... they still get spooked when there's a fight in the area though, lol.

Hope it all comes right!

Caz said...

hee hee zippity boo - that is sooo cute... my animals also get these weird names.
Dog - zebu - becomes zebulon - becomes zebulonica - and eventually "lonica, lonica, little harmonica"

Ammonia really keeps cat's away - try a saucer of it wherever the stray is getting in - they can't take the smell!

Tamara said...

Doesn't your dog deal with the stray? What about screening? Even if it's temporary, and you just stick some thickish netting over the window with thumb tacks (if you have wooden window frames).

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