Thursday, July 10, 2008

Interview with Rox

My blogging friend Marsha has graciously given me permission to (shamelessly!) steal her brilliant idea of doing interviews with family members. Hop over to her blog here to see the charming interview she did with her sweet granddaughter Sarah (and the beautiful photos she took of her!)

So I am starting my series of interviews with Rox. I printed out the questions for Rox and she then emailed me her answers (yes, we do actually live together but we are really hi-tech like that LOL!) I have to say at the outset that this process has been a huge eye-opener for me! I had no idea that Rox had some of these thoughts milling around in her head. But before I begin to waffle, here is the interview:

1. What is your full name and age?
Roxanne Inez Richardson. 18 years, 6 months and 27 days

2. List a few things that make you happy
Listening to music, seeing my friends, going on holiday, playing with my dog, making others happy, doing something new

3. Are you proud to be South African and do you like living in South Africa?
Yes I am proud to be South African, even though our country is going through a bad time, I am still proud!!! What a nation – black, white, coloured, Indian, we are all one! We have such a beautiful country – why be ashamed!! Yes things are sometimes dealt with in an incorrect manner BUT we are by far the best country! Do I like living here – yes and no, I love a multicultural place, I love the characteristics of South Africa BUT the fear of getting raped or mudered scares the daylights out of me!! But if you love this place you can always try and make a difference!

4. Do you have a boy-friend? What qualities do you look for in a boy-friend?
Yes I do. Um he must be reliable, trustworthy and he must respect me for who I am and for what I believe in! He must be loyal and must get on with my family and friends! He must be willing to have ups and downs and to help me when things get low! RESPECT is huge! Faith is also important.

5. What challenges you?
I sit here right now with a full belly and knowing there are people out there starving and fighting for their lives! That challenges me to get up and make a difference! Another huge one is rights – stand up for yourself and help others who can't help or fight for themselves!!

6. What do you want to achieve in your life?
I want to be able to say I tried my best at finding my purpose and to discover who I am!! I want to have achieved living in God’s name and discovering his purpose for me!!
I want to have a degree and at least have touched a few peoples lives!

7. Tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know
I sometimes battle with “I am not good enough” I would prefer to make others happy before I make myself happy!! I sometimes don’t see the wrong in others!

8. Tell me about an occasion when you had to face one of your fears
Losing the person I loved – Paul, yes I loved him and wanted to marry him but the relationship was forced to end and I thought I wouldn’t cope!!

9. Name one of your role models and tell me why this person is a good role model
Role model…….um...havent thought about it BUT all I know is I want to live my life and to find my purpose, I want to get up and think what can I do today to help, it is not all about ME! I want to be able to love others even if they have hurt me, I want to be able to find the good out of everything as my motto goes make every obstacle an opportunity to shine for God!!

10. If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?
I would be somewhere in the berg going for an awesome hike and then I’d go bungee jumping!!

Thanks Rox for allowing me to use you as blog fodder and for taking the time to answer the questions (even though you are on holiday and have SO much else you want to do!) and for answering so honestly. Love ya babe :-)


Tamara said...

What an awesome interview. She certainly sounds like her head is screwed on!

Just Jen said...

she is one level headed woman!! You must have done something right ;)
Good for her! I'm going to see if I can interview my son and see what he says. If we have time-he's working 4 days in a row this week...we also email each other...LOL...and talk on the msn and the sad part is, we are in the same room...LOL

and her sense of adventure-bundgee jumping!! scary stuff :D
I love her answer for number 9-I hope my son has a similar answer ;)

Anonymous said...


I am Marsha's daughter (aka Sarah's mother).

Thanks for the nice comments re: Sarah you posted on my Mom's blog. I enjoyed reading your interview with Rox. You must be very proud; she is a beautiful girl, inside and out.


Linda said...

Rox is very mature for her age and seems to know exactly what she wants from life. Excellent interview.

I read Marsha's interview with Sarah a few days ago. This is a great idea for blogging.

Marsha said...

Gill this is a wonderful interview and I am just sitting here right now with my mouth gaped open after reading my daughter's comment to you. I know she is a blog reader but she seldom comments even on mine. I've tried to encourage her to start one of her own but she is so busy I don't know when she would find time.

You did a great job with the interview and giving us a glimpse of the beautiful and remarkable young woman who is your daughter. My thought is that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

The Jackson Files said...

Oh my goodness, you must be SO proud of your daughter.

What a wonderful interview, and what a great idea.

Sanni said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure you're beaming with pride to have such a beautiful daughter. =)

Just like her mom *g*

I'm also here to thank you your kind comment on Lily's birth announcement and all the nice comments during the pregnancy.

So sorry it took me so long, I'm just trying to return to "normal" blogging behavior, now that my life comes back to "sort of normal", too. *g*

Oh... an the interview is such a great idea... am I allowed to "borrow"? *g*

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Awesome interview! And great idea! Good to be "back" from my bloggy break and back to reading you.

Simone said...

Very cool. love the photographs. She is a beauty.

Given me an idea for a newsletter swap I have just signed up for.

Gill said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments about Rox's interview. She is going to be quite swollen headed if she reads them ;-)

Sanni you are more than welcome to borrow the idea!

Just Jen said...

I gave J the interview but I don't think I'm going to post it, he is really personal! LOL

Lucy said...

YOU go Rox! what a great gal Gil!
No guilt mamma, you did a great job
( and what an adorable girl too xoxo )

Jeanne said...

What a lovely girl! And how eminently sensible. It's a great idea to interview your family members :)

Anonymous said...

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