Tuesday, July 15, 2008

R.I.P. Nkululeko

It's sad and rather ironic that a hippo whose name means "Freedom" has been shot because it was wandering free.

Nkululeko ambled into the news a few weeks ago, when it was spotted playing in the sea north of Durban. The surf-loving hippo became quite the celebrity overnight. A local newspaper ran a competition to find a name for the hippo and the winner was taken on a flight to view the newly named "Nkululeko".

Locals flocked to see the hippo and to take photos of it, amid warnings from animal experts to stay far away from the animal, as hippos are not as docile as they look. Unfortunately people did not heed this advice and although an autopsy has still to be done to confirm the cause of death, it appears that Nkululeko may be responsible for the death of a man. Nkululeko was shot by authorities in the early hours of this morning.


Just Jen said...

thats sad!
inevitably its human error too

Jeanne said...

How many years have hippos and Man coexisted in Africa?? And people have still not figured out that they are not cuddly creatures?? But of course, it's not Man with his higher reasoning to blame, it's always the poor animal who was only scared and protecting itself in the first place. Very sad.

Marsha said...

I'm sorry to hear about Nkululeko (hope I got the name right). I've only seen animals like this in zoo settings of course.

You make me want to plan a trip to South Africa though... I never knew much about it until I started reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Very sad and avoidable! What are people thinking? As a young girl we went to YellowStone National Park (in U.S.) and groups would gather around when a bear would be spotted. You wouldn't BELIEVE the idiots that would try to get really close! I mean, they put themselves, the rangers trying to protect them, and the freak'n bear in danger - STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely royally p#@$sses me off (not proper words but that seriously ticked me off)

So sad

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