Wednesday, July 09, 2008

To work or not to work, that is the question!

Why are women plagued by guilt? And why is it that men don’t seem to suffer from this affliction?

Why is it that even though I am on holiday, every time I catch myself being slothful and completely self-indulgent, my conscience pops up and reminds me that I am not being very productive and cheekily suggests that I find something constructive to do? I earned this rest dammit! I deserve to lay about reading and resting. So why the hell can’t I do it without feeling slovenly and slightly embarrassed?


Simone said...

ooh I can identify with that right now. I have been telling everyone how excited I was about not having to have to look for work straight away.

The first day we got here my husband's boss's wife said I would probably need to work.

A few days later I was buying the newspaper and looking for work.

The Jackson Files said...

I think it's just the way we are programmed - our Calvinistic upbringings if you will. It's bloody annoying though.

Addie said...

I know how that feels ... and I am ignoring those guilt feelings for a few days!!!

Thanks for the encouragement earlier on to do just that ... relax and enjoy my children. Although my son keeps reminding me that I have assignments to do!!!

supermom said...

I don't know but I think we are born with that emotion

Lucy said...

I also can relate Gill, It's an innate 'jewish mother' gene that afflicts all us females. OY Vay! The guilt!
( i find a few ounces of wine each night helps kill off that nagging gene!)

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