Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 08

Blog Action Day is happening on 15 October, and this year the theme is "Poverty".

Don't know what it's all about?
Simple. Blog Action Day is a day when a whole bunch of bloggers (and podcasters and videocasters) unite by posting about the same topic. The idea is that this "blogfest" will raise public awareness about the issue at hand and also generate some interesting and diverse viewpoints.

Feeling tempted to add your voice?
Great. Head along to the Blog Action Day 08 homepage and register. It's quick and easy! Then don't forget to post on 15 October 08.

Please leave a comment if you do decide to register so that I can be sure to swing by your site on 15 Oct.


Lucy said...

hi gill! thanks for the info! ive never heard of this. but I will check it out, Oct. 15th is my youngest sons b.d.
hope you're well. xo

Simone said...

Good to know.

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