Thursday, August 28, 2008

What makes a good blog?

What makes you go back to a blog again and again?

I regularly read a diverse cross-section of blogs. On the average day, I read the feeds of around 40 blogs or more. I know, I probably need to get out more ;-)

The blogs I read seem to fall loosely into a couple of categories:

* blogs that belong to my “blogging buddies”. I read these blogs to catch-up on what is going on in the blogger’s life and because I feel a connection to the blogger. I am not going to give examples for fear of leaving someone out by mistake and causing life-long offence!

* blogs I visit because of the fantastic quality of the writing and the content e.g. Tongue in Cheek (if I had to choose a favourite blog, "Tongue in Cheek" would probably be it), Scribbit, Cooksister, Bleeding Espresso, Food Blogga, Lulu's Petals

* blogs that are informative, these I read largely for their educational value e.g. Dermblog, iMod.

* Blogs about things I am interested in, in my case: parenting, “Mommy blogs”, cooking, reading

* Browsing through my blog-roll, I have discovered that I seem to have a penchant for blogs written by “transplanted” bloggers – bloggers living outside of their home countries. Or is it just that people living outside of their home countries feel compelled to blog? Interesting thought. In any case, there are many of them: Bleeding Espresso, Tongue in Cheek, Poppy Fields, Cooksister, Cotton-Pickin' Days, eLuckypacket, Charlotte’s Web and the most recent “transplant” Simone’s Butterfly amongst them.

* South African blogs. I read a good few blogs by fellow South Africans (take a look at the sidebar on the left listing all my favourite S.A blogs), we share a common history, we’re generally on the same wavelength and we write incredibly brilliant blogs ;-)

So what makes you read a particular blog? Which are your all time favourite blogs?


Simone said...

Very interesting post. Its funny i was just thinking about the very question.

I have gotten so busy on swap-bot-that have not been been reading many blogs. Also with the change in my e-mail address I did not transfer some blogs onto my new feed.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Ooh I love all the blogs you've mentioned, and also yours of course :) Haven't been bloghopping as much as usual, but hopefully I can catch up soon!

Lucy said...

Great question Gill and OH thanks so much for liking me! I like your blog too!
the reason? VEry real. no bull.
you have a long blogroll, I wish I had more time to add more blogs to my daily visits. but YOU are one of them! xo much hugs your way :)

angel said...

ooh i could never pick a favourite... but there are a few that i have been reading since i started blogging more than 3 years ago, and if they stopped i'd really feel like i'd lost a friend!
very cool post!
ooh- btw- i'm including you in my blogday list tomorrow.

Tamara said...

Hmmm... I don't know the answer to that question. I like life blogs, especially those that are well-written and honest and occasionally funny. Does that make them "good" blogs? I guess that depends on whether good means personally enjoyable (which is how I take it) or whether it means influential, or powerful or something else.

I like your blog. *Big grin*

Jeanne said...

Great post and ooh, I get mentioned twice - *blush*!! Thanks so much for yuor kind words, and thanks for pointing me to blogs that I have not yet discovered.

I tend to agree with you - the blogs I like are generally foodie (obviously!), but only those with good writing. Good writing is the single thing that makes me return again and again, although amazing photos also helps. Other than that, like you, I have a HUGE bias in favour of expat South African bloggers, South African bloggers, and other expat bloggers, in that order. And last but not least, there are the blogs that make me laugh. God bless Dooce.

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