Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fill-ins

Friday Fill-ins

1. There is no need to try to be anyone except who I truly am, why do I have to keep on reminding myself of that?

2. Where in the heck did the week go?

3. Not a lot is all I managed to do.

4. Prospects for this weekend are good!

5. Take it or leave it is the message.

6. Simplicity and tranquility are something I strive for, but never really manage to achieve, unfortunately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with my book, tomorrow my plans include trawling the mall with my girls and Sunday, I want to do some serious Spring Cleaning!


sweets said...

hey Gill :) thanks for popping by my blog, appreciated!

your plans for the weekend sounds very relaxing... but Sunday... oy i think we need to work on Sunday :)~

The Jackson Files said...

I remember LOVING trawling the mall with my Mom when i was a teenager.

Have a great weekend, Gill.

allie said...

Can SO relate to your first 3 comments!

Janet said...

hehehe you said spring cleaning, I had to go look to see where you're from! Thanks for playing :-)

Linda said...

While you are doing your Spring cleaning, I'll be doing my fall.

I'm also into a great book.

Have a good weekend.

Kevin Davis said...

Found you off Allie's - I like your blog. It's nice to meet all these SA folk.

Jack said...

This weekend is our last of the summer... I will miss it terribly but I look forward to reading all about you guys on the over side of the globe, enjoying your spring days.

Happy Friday, and thank you for the visit :)