Monday, September 22, 2008

"Gill's Jottings" The Movie

I saw this one on Simpy Mel and it was too much fun to pass up. I get to cast the story of my life!
So I've been giving it some thought over the last few days and last night the family threw some ideas around over the supper table. War nearly broke out, but it was all quite hilarious!!

Casting the family members was easy, no problem at all:

Rox would be played by Natalie Portman, no two ways about it. I've always thought there was a similarity there. (Paula thought that Rox should be played by that really thick girl on Fools Gold!!)

Impi - a young (think Fresh Prince of Bel Air) Will Smith would be perfect, they have the same spunk and are both tall, dark and handsome.

Paula - Amanda Seyfried (as she was in Mamma Mia) would play Paula. She's quite a bit older than Paula, but they have the same bubbly cuteness.

Grant - this led to some fun discussion around the dinner table. The girls think he should be played by......... Jack Nicholson! Bwahahahahahahah... that did not go down too well with Dad I can tell ya! No, definitely not Jack Nicholson! I think he should be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who was Denny on Grey's anatomy and the guy with the lovely butt in P S I love you. They both have that soft, cute, cuddly "something" going on and they both have splendid butts!

Okay, now it gets difficult. Who to cast as me? Who to cast?

Grant came up with the wise (NOT!) idea of Barbara Streisand!! (Maybe I should cast Jack Nicholson as him!) Then he suggested Diane Keaton - love her dearly, but hello I am but 40 years old! One of the kids said Meryl Streep - love that child! I would not say no to Meryl! Personally, I think I am more of a Kathy Bates myself. Matronly, cuddly mommy type - that's me!


The Jackson Files said...

No, no no Gill. I don't agree at all. I think someone like Renée Zellweger should play you (buy not when she's super skinny, because I don't think that she looks so nice then).

She's the right age and has the same sort of - I don't know - sweetness about her (granted I have never met you, but that's the impression I get from your blog).

All the rest, you can have.

Simone said...

Great post - think I agree the kid that said Meryl Streep.

Sanni said...

I'm voting for Meryl Streep, too!
And I'm going to steal this fun MEME blatantly. NOW. It'll be up tomorrow.

Gill said...

Aw, you guys are too sweet!! Very flattering!

Sanni I forgot to say, that anyone who wants to do it is more than welcome, I stole it myself ;-)

Tamara said...

Meryl was a flippen good suggestion. I think Ms Bates is too... uncouth for you.

sweets said...

yes Meryl!!!!

Simply-Mel said...

ahem. I am with the core of this. Kathy Bates is a bit raw y'know? and frankly, can be downright scary.

Meryl may be a bit on the aged side so maybe 20yrs ago - yes! Meryl at 40, methinks that is a better fit!

Lucy said...

oooh THIS is so cute! May I borrow it from you??
I don't know you well Gill ( although, I wish I did) but Kathy bates??? NO NO NO!
and Meryl?? She is too old to play you! She can be your very much older big sister! I see you being played by Patricia Heaton! No? what do you think?

Regina said...

I'm sorry Gill but I DO NOT see Kathy Bates as the matronly, cuddly, mommy type!! No matter what I see her in what I remember the most is her in Misery! If you have never seen the movie Misery you have got to check it out and then rethink casting Kathy Bates as you!!!

Jeanne said...

We often play this game - it's always hilarious! I usually settle on Jeanine Garofalo to play me, as she was in Romy & Michelle's HIgh School Reunion. Or Anne Bancroft as "older me" :)

If I were you I'd go with Meryl :)

angel said...

this is very cool- i'm working on mine!