Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spring? I don't think so!

Grant and I were having a lazy morning this morning, listening to the news on the radio while sipping a cup of coffee in bed (you have no idea how rare this is, me being married to a MTB junkie and all!)

And then we heard that there was snow in Kokstad.

Within half an hour we were all dressed up in our Winter woolies and in the car on the way to Kokstad (about 1 1/2 hours drive away). Paula had only ever seen snow from a distance before, so you can imagine the excitement :-) (There is usually a snow fall in Kokstad every Winter, but it always happens during the week when school and work happen) Well bang went our lazy morning!
We got to Kokstad and they had closed the road, before the snow was even visible - we were gutted, thinking that we had driven all that way for nothing. We waited in a looong queue of cars for about 20mins and (thank the pope!) they then reopened the road and off we went. It wasn't long before we were driving through this:

winter wonderland
We finally found a place to stop and Paula got her first experience of snow at the ripe old age of 13!

girls in the snow

bums up

Notice the wet bum - Paula learnt the hard way that snow is.......wet and ......cold and perhaps it is not a good idea to sit down in it! Especially when you don't have a change of clothes and it's a looong way home. We stopped at a nearby lodge for some hot chocolate on the way home and Paulz spent half an hour warming her bum at the fire-place!


allie said...

Oh how fanTASTIC!

Marsha said...

Snow is a treat here in the states for those who live in the deep south. I grew up in the midwest and experienced snow and winter weather for years so it isn't all that thrilling to me, other than I rarely get to see it these days.

I'm glad Paula got to enjoy the snow, even if it meant a lost lazy morning for you and Grant. I'm sure the memories of this day will erase that fact from your mind before long.

Simone said...

Oh my goodness.

By the way how did you get the cool displays of blogs on the side - the regular updates etc.?

Sanni said...

Coffee in bed??? I am so jealous!!! It's 1:35 pm here and I didn't have a coffee yet... but changed about 6 diapers. *g*

Looking forward to snow soon... it's rainy and cold here. Love your photos!

Before I go green with envy:

I'm back from my vacation and came up with a little something:

I'd love to see you participating in my first own MEME.

Tamara said...

So cool! My hubby still hasn't seen snow and he's 24.

Simply-Mel said...

Well, here I sit, the ripe old age of 35 and have yet to experience snow....! Ridiculous. But truth be told I avoid cold at all costs BUT I would have driven to Kokstad if it was an 1 1/2 from us...!

Jeanne said...

Oh how marvellous! I think I was also abotu 13 the first time I saw snow, on a trip to France. I was enthralled, and I still get inordinately excited when it snows. The Poms think I'm mad!

angel said...

i have yet to see snow myself- and i'm fast approaching 35!

Anonymous said...

The snow was so surprising! I wish we could have gone