Thursday, September 18, 2008

You searched for WHAT??

Every now and then I browse my google analytics reports to see how many visitors have been to my blog, where they are from, what they have shown interest in etc etc. But the thing that interests me most is seeing what Google searches have led people to my blog. It’s fascinating!

Apart from the usual suspects: searches for “gill”, “gill nets”, “jottings” etc; some of the other searches that have brought unsuspecting googlers to my blog are:

“hormonal bliss” - Yep, don’t I know ALL about it!

“lolita 13yo” - Whhaaat!!! Yeuch! Go away, I don't want you here!

“cow birth” - Who would have thunk it?

“reticulated python” – because of this post.

“Celebrate grey hair” - Well I didn’t exactly celebrate it….!

“Dealing with a mouthy teenager” - Oh yeah!

“Naughtigirls groove” - HuH??

“Genius Gill” – well what can I say people, what can I say....(blushes modestly)

But the search that has brought more people to this blog than any other…….

The word “eccentric” - this post has brought more people to my blog than any other. Weird huh?


Anonymous said...

LOL. I'll will have to try that and see what brings people to my blog. I didn't know you could do that. Could be interesting. :-)

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I like yours. And eccentric is good, means you aren't common. ;-)

Jeanne said...

You reticulated python you! LOL :D

Linda said...

I was unaware of google analytics. I will give this a try. I put a gadget on my blog that shows the page people land on. Soon I'll be doing a post about why I started blogging and this info will be very helpful.

Janine said...

Ha. I've recently had "bad mommy" (oh yeah); "how to make your dad say yes to get me a cell phone" (um, sorry, can't help you there) and "finger crushed car door toddler" (been there, done that).

angel said...

lol... searches can be very strange. i get a lot of hits thanx to my post about a mafia themed year end function, a question i asked about lingerie, and my cleavage day posts.

Tammy said...

Hi Gill, how interesting the things people google. I'm too scared to look. Thanks for your support. ;)

Simone said...

very Interesting - amazing what it reveals - I should check mine out.

Tamara said...

Hmmm... what be these google analytics?

Crazy cow birth stuff.