Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogging mojo M.I.A

You may have noticed that my blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground this week? I hate to admit it, but since I got back from our week away my blogging mojo is just gone.

Holidays are supposed to recharge my batteries, but instead, ungrateful wench that I am, all they seem to do is leave me wanting more holiday. I have spent the entire week sitting here at my desk, grumbling under my breath at the cruel injustice of my having to be here at all! I know, I'm a spoilt brat!

I'm hoping that by Monday I will have reconciled myself to the fact that every weekday for the next 10 weeks (yes, I counted!) my lazy ass will be sitting behind this desk, like it or not. Maybe once I have reached that stage of acceptance my blogging mojo will return


allie said...

While you were away, quite a few bloggers had troubles with absentee mojos

They are all fine again - so obviously the bug is going around and doesn't last too long

Tamara said...

Yes, holidays can be addictive. And bloggers all go through mojo-less patches. Have a good weekend, Gill. Think of it as a mini-holiday ;-)

Ness said...

Blogging is what gives me MOJO! :) Have you tried StumbleUpon? You sign up (free) down load their toolbar, enter your interests i.e. photography/graphics/parenting whatever blows your hair back,and then you hit the stumble button and it pulls up a random blog to show you. Just a few short clicks and you may have your mojo back by having seen some fresh new blogs. (FYI stumble your own site, say you like it - and watch what it does to your stats!)

Simone said...

My father-in-law insists that we need a holiday from the holiday.

I am sure it will come back!

Jeanne said...

Every time I go on holiday I creep veeeeery slowly back to blogging. It just seems to easy NOT to do it once you stop for a week or 2, and you kind of realise that the world won't end if you don't blog ;-)

But then one post and a bunch of comments and I'm off again. So don't worry, your mojo will be back!

Are you NaBloPoMoing again??