Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diet doldrums

I have been on diet for nearly 3 weeks.

In the first week I lost 2 kgs - one kilo off each breast ;-)

And since then? NOTHING-NIKS-NADA-ZERO!!

I am really fed up with this whole thing and on the verge of packing it all in and going on a binge session of note. Think......fruit chutney chips, chocolate, Mozart's ice-cream...super caramel flavour, toasted cheese sarmies.......

The thing is I can't - I am beginning to look like Barney (minus the *happy* face and the purple hue).

So, please people, talk to the weight-loss gods and arrange for a couple more kilos to fall off, pleeez, preferably off my rump this time okay!


Marsha said...

Just a couple of thoughts about things I learned once I finally had to face this issue in my life. How hard it was for me after almost 50 years of eating what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted to finally have to face the fact that it wasn't going to be like that for me ever again.

First, are you eating enough? You really need to maintain a calorie intake high enough to spur your metabolism. Make sure you are getting the proper number of calories and not starving your body to the extent that it refuses to let go of stored fat.

Are you exercising? If you are, remember that you are increasing muscle, which is good. While it may seem that you are not losing weight, if you are building muscle you will eventually benefit from that. Be patient even though it is hard to do.

Is there possibly a medical problem? Could there be a thyroid condition, diabetes, other that could be affecting your weight. If you haven't had a good check up and blood work done in a while this might be a good time for that.

Good luck Gill... you're not alone and remember that your goal is to be healthy and to stick around a long time to enjoy your life and to be there for your family. No matter how you look to yourself, I can promise you that you are beautiful to them and very important in their lives.

Marsha said...

I forgot to add that if you splurge once in a while to not give up or feel bad about it. Nobody can live on a strict diet and deny themselves of the things they most enjoy forever... if you give in, savor it and enjoy it and then get back on the wagon. It helps me to schedule a cheat day once in a while if I am dieting or to occasionally enjoy a treat, such as ice cream or a favorite fatty food as long as I maintain control over the when and where and how much.

Simply-Mel said...

Thats why I dont diet. The boob issue. I only have 500g on each side so I would hit serious negatives if I dieted!!!

Chin up girl. I did this...ate really sensibly 6 days a week and then ate anything I wanted on any given 1 day. (usually a Saturday!). It worked for me.

Plus the golden rule: a chocolate a day keep the blues away. (a small one not the triple decker super duper value pack slab!!)

allie said...

I think diets are a con.

If you DO lose weight, its in your face (so you look gaunt) or your calves (so you look like spagetti legs in a skirt or shorts); or most usually (as happened to you, the boobs.

Except, of course, if you WANT to lose boob weight.

Is there anyone like that??

angel said...

oooh i can so sympathise... i have got to do something myself!

Caz said...

hey lady I SO hear you!
I started this "boot camp" thing a while ago - hectic exercise for an hour 5days/week for 4 weeks. Definitely toned, but no weight loss. ugh! So now I am doing it again and detoxing at the same time. CRIKEY! I WILL BE READY FOR SUMMER!!

Rethabile said...

You're making my mouth water with that list of goodies. Slurp!

Lucy said...

oh gill I feel your pain! I wish I could magically wish it away for u!
Ive been on and off weight watchers for a long time. I lose 10 I gain 10 it's a vicious cycle! I don't remember what 2 kgs. equals in pounds, but at least it's a beginning! god luck!
if you want to talk dieting more, email me
I have SO much to say on the subject!
hugs to u!

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