Thursday, November 13, 2008

Isn't it ironic?

Would you believe it, after my gushy, warm-fuzzy post about Rox yesterday, we had a *huge* fight yesterday afternoon!! LOL, the joys of having a peri-menopausal woman and a teenager under one roof.....

The strange thing is that even when we are fighting, this girl knows exactly which buttons to push and how to get to me.

Two things you need to know at this point: I don't play nice when I fight. I am inclined to go off pop, shout and create and then I retreat in a huff and I....sulk. Now honestly, there can be nothing less attractive than a big, fat, forty-year old sulking like a teenager. Not pretty, not clever! And Rox is the most unconfrontational person on the planet, she hates to fight - also not a good thing and also not particularly clever.

So yesterday I did the shouting thing and then I was in my bedroom doing the Ugly Sulk when Rox came in to tell me she was going to gym.

Rox: I'm going to gym now mom
Me: okay (said with a suitably mournful tone)
Rox: I love you
Me: love you too (said in a completely unemotional voice, without raising my eyes from my book)
Rox walks out and then turns around and comes back in
Rox: You can't let me get in that car and drive off without saying "I love you" properly, like you mean it, imagine if I get killed in a car accident!

Ouch! Eina! Pain! Round One to Rox
So I gave her the "Because I am cross with you, it does not mean I don't love you" talk and told her I loved her in a meaningful way

Later on we were on our way out for supper. I am still doing my No Speak thing (I know, I am actually so ashamed of myself!)

Rox: Guess who I was just chatting with on Facebook?
Paula: Who?
Rox: (Insert name of cute guy X here)

Bingo! Round Two to Rox, Game Over!

Rox knows full well that there is nothing more entertaining to me than details of her romances and flirtations...... it's like the most addictive soap opera. I managed to contain my curiosity all the way to the restaurant and then gave up and we launched into the full "he said, she said" thing. Don't tell her I told you, but she's meeting him for coffee ....yay!


Simply-Mel said...

I am glad to see I am not alone in my return to childish behaviours occasionally....LOL

Great post!

Tamara said...

Haha! Gill you are a legend, you know that. I love your honesty and your writing style. Good on Rox for her handling skills!

Sanni said...

Yay for coffee :-D

You should see me right now. There's a big grin from ear to ear on my face... I bet Lily will also win the rounds in a few years :-)

Jack said...

This is cute... a roll reversal of sorts ;)

angel said...

oy... sounds like me and damien! one day's just peachy, the next day its dante's inferno!!!

Rambler said...

sounds like a great relationship you two have - even when you're angry...

Keep us posted as to how the coffee date went... hehehe

Jeanne said...

I think that we actually become better sulkers as we get older - if I think back to my teenage sulks now, I think "damn, I could have shown more commitment!" :o)

Glad Rox knows which buttons to push to get you to come out of your sulk though!

Janet said...

This is what it was like in my house when I was a teen and my mom was going thru menopause. Man...gah.

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