Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I just wanted to let you all know that I am still in the land of the living! Just a quick update:

We got some really great news on Friday - Impi has been made Deputy Head-Boy of Glenwood High School!!! We are so, so proud of him :-) Wow, I still get a thrill when I think of it :-)
My mom's funeral service went off very well on Thursday. Roxy and Impi did a reading, which I thought was very brave of them. Grant read the eulogy and considering how inarticulate Grant can be, I thought he did a really great job. (I'm going to post the eulogy at the end of this post, more as a record for my self, than because I think any of you would want to read it)

The visiting family all left yesterday morning. My Dad had been doing remarkably well, but I think it all hit him yesterday, when life more or less got back to normal - his "wheels completely came off" and he ended up sick in bed. It must be hard for him to take in, I mean he's not yet 60 and he's a widower, horrible! I am hoping he will find his feet in a day or two. I'm sure he will, he's a trooper.

School is winding down this week, the end of the school year happens on Friday. I can't wait for the girls to be on hols, even though I still have to work , it takes some of the pressure off. Right now I don't need any pressure!

Mom's Eulogy:

Lyn would have been so happy to see you all here today, because that’s what she loved –people and her friends. Lyn loved to cook fantastic meals and invite family and friends over for an evening of fun and fellowship. She so enjoyed entertaining and was never shy to try a new recipe, or to invite friends and strangers alike into her home for a meal.

I’m sure that many of you will remember the legendary “garage parties” she would throw in Greytown. She would pick a theme for a garage party and would then spend months, planning the d├ęcor and menu. She loved it and we all loved the end result! She was always the life and soul of a party.

Lyn was well-known for her wacky sense of humour. She was a great one for practical jokes. One story that is legendary in our family is of the night she phoned her sister, Pam, in Springs. Complete with authentic Afrikaans accent, she pretended to be a long-lost cousin of Ian’s and announced that she was out of work and coming to stay with Pam and Ian for an indefinite period of time, with numerous kids, dogs and mother-in-law in tow. Pam of course nearly had a heart attack on the spot, but being the lady that she was, she quietly agreed to this! Lyn managed to keep this joke going for a couple of hours, while Pam stewed about the crowd arriving the very next morning from Cape Town. When Lyn finally phoned Pam to confess, Pam actually cried and we have never established whether she was crying with laughter or relief!!! With Mom around there was never a dull moment!

As a family, we will remember Lyn for her love of birds, and other wildlife, and for her love of gardening and whale-spotting. In recent times, when her health has not been good, she has spent many happy hours sitting on her verandah, watching the birds feeding and keeping an eye out for passing whales.

We’ll no doubt also remember Lyn every time we walk past a shoe shop! She adored shoes, and she obviously had strong genes because unfortunately her grand-daughter Rox is also unable to walk past a shoe shop without going in!

The greatest sadness in Lyn’s life was the loss of her beloved son Craig. It was a turning point in her life. Family was so important to her. She adored her grandchildren and was so proud of them. She was particularly proud of Impi’s achievements on the sports field and would boast about him to anyone who would listen.

Politics was very important to Lyn and she was a great defender of her political views. She worked tirelessly in a number of political campaigns. For many years she was a proud member of the End Conscription Campaign and the Black Sash. She relished a good political argument.

There is no doubt about it, Lyn had a strong personality and was not afraid to voice her opinions, LOUDLY! Although this has at times made her quite “challenging” to live with, it has also on occasion given us a few laughs.

Earlier this year Lyn fell ill at home and became unconscious. Paramedics were called in to attend to her. On regaining consciousness she immediately demanded to know what the Statue of Liberty was doing in her bedroom! The Statue of Liberty was in fact Neil, standing at the end of the bed, holding the drip bag up!! Later on, in the ambulance, she demanded that they stop the vehicle immediately so that Gill could run inside and fetch her mascara as she was going nowhere without her face made up! Even when ill, Lyn was not a lady to be messed with.

In recent years Lyn became quite the homebody. She didn’t enjoy being away from home at all. Neil and Gill once spent a very uncomfortable day sitting in the casualty room of a local hospital while Mom refused to be admitted because she “wanted to go home” Having heard her say this once a minute, every minute for something like 6 hours, Neil and Gill were understandably ready to climb the walls!! On a recent holiday to Ballito, Mom again spent an awful lot of time telling Dad that she “wanted to go home”. Her heart was definitely in her home. We are enormously grateful that she passed away in the comfort of her own home.

Her failing health has been a source of immense frustration to her, and to the family, in the last couple of years. She hated being frail and unable to do all those things that she had been able to do in the past. Lyn was imprisoned by her failing body and mind. She was absolutely ready to go and “meet her Maker” She told us so, again and again. For that reason we are at peace today. We know that Lyn is where she wanted to be, reunited with her beloved son Craig, whom she missed so very much.

At this point I would like to thank Eunice for all the help she gave Nana in the last few months. Eunice has been completely devoted to Lyn and no task has been too great for her. She has been an enormous emotional support to all of us and to Gill especially and has seen us through some very dark times. Siyabonga Eunicie.

Gill and I would especially like to thank Dad for standing by mom when the chips have been down. No-one will ever know what Dad has been through in the last couple of years. Dad you are an example to us and we salute you.

As a family we would like to thank the many friends who have been there for Lyn and for us in the difficult times. We so appreciate the kindness you have shown to Lyn and the support you have given us.


Mel said...


Marsha said...

Glad to hear from you and to know that you are doing okay. You did a nice job on the eulogy.

Tamara said...

Beautiful eulogy, Gill. I think you did your mom proud.

Addie said...

Oh my!!! Sounds like you mom lived life to the fullest!!! Thanks for sharing her eulogy - its gives great perspective!!!

Cobgratulations to Impi ...

Addie said...

Oh my!!! Sounds like you mom lived life to the fullest!!! Thanks for sharing her eulogy - its gives great perspective!!!

Cobgratulations to Impi ...

Kitty Cat said...

You may have put the eulogy there for you, but I think we all read it and felt touched.
Congrats to Impi.
Hope your Dad feels better.

Lucy said...

aww she would have loved that Im sure.
beautifully written.xoxo

Jeanne said...

Beautiful eulogy Gill. And I know your mom was looking down and smiling form heaven.

angel said...

thats a beautiful eulogy gill, really.
congratulations on impi's achievement!

Tammy said...

That was lovely. I'm very sorry for your loss. HUG

supermom said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. So sorry. Lots of thoughts for all of you

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