Friday, January 23, 2009


I slept last night. Nothing special about that you'd think, but you'd be wrong. Let's just say I have been having some deeply troubling sleep issues lately.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am a person who needs plenty of sleep. I don't just like it, I'm not just lazy, I actually have to have plenty of sleep. My kids complain that I am a monster if woken up in the middle of the night - in the wee hours I'm not only ugly, I'm unsympathetic and I am vicious! I need my 8 hours a night and I need those 8 hours to be continuous, restful sleep. Why then did I go and marry a man who not only snores, but twitches too??

Sleeping with Grant is an adventure and I don't mean that statement to be in any way erotic! Grant has the type of snore that is not regular, it comes in fits and starts and some of those fits and starts are alarmingly loud and vuvuzela-like. Trust me, it's verrry disturbing. Add to that the twitching of the legs - he has a genetic condition that causes his legs to literally leap about all night (he'll tell you it's a minor twitch, but believe me it isn't!). It's worse if he hasn't been cycling - now you know why I encourage the cycling to such an extent - it's not only to get him out of my hair, it's to ensure my sleep! So yes, lying next to my husband is not exactly conducive to a good night's rest, but I generally get by and he generally doesn't mind the odd punch in the ribs or well-aimed kick. Such is the stuff of middle-aged married life. (BTW, if you're young and innocent and comtemplating wedded bliss, think about these things before you tie the knot okay?)

Anyway, back to my sleep issues. For the last week I have not only had to deal with Grant and his nocturnal nonsense, to add to my pain I have been having nightmares. Not just run of the mill, scary little dreams, but full-on, horror-movie terrors of epic proportions. The kind of "dreams" that have you waking up a trembling, sweat-drenched wreck, unable to shut your eyes for fear of being transported back to that very scary place. I have been having these nightmares every.single.night.

As you can imagine I have been complaining bitterly about my sleep deprivation. I have been frantically busy at work, stressed out over Paula and her new school, trying to tackle a new diet (eeeuw!) dealing with the fact that Rox is now insulin resistant..... So the last thing I need is to be lacking in sleep!

You can imagine my reaction when on Wednesday night, as I was psyching myself up to fall into a relaxed, blissful slumber, Grant decided that now was a good time to read to me from his magazine which (stupidly!) stated that anything more than 6 hours sleep a night was unnecessary and could in fact cause you to feel tired the next day. Read to me in a chirpy, Mr Know-it-all, patronising voice. Hello? In what way did he think that was either helpful or appropriate??? Men!! I restrained myself from strangling him there and then and simply rolled my eyes and fell into an unrelaxed, terror-ridden night of un-sleep.

So what is this post about? It is simply to tell you that last night I slept, I actually closed my eyes and S.L.E.P.T and I had more than 8 hours and it was bloody marvellous thank you very much!!!


Rambler said...

Oh, I'm totally with you... 8 hours or more do me well, and your fault if you encounter "the wrath" when you wake me up... Glad you got some good rest - there's nothing worse!

Being Brazen said...

Good to hear you got some good sleep.

I LOVE getting more than 8 hours sleep.

Kitty Cat said...

I am like you, I NEED my sleep, and my husband also snores. Go read my post on separate bedrooms. That was our solution to his vuvuzela (I like that!) sounds. So glad you finally got some sleep.

Linda said...

Know what you mean about needing a certain amount of sleep! Hope the nightmares ends soon.

Lucy said...

hahaa LOVED this post Gill! Of course I don't love that you are having sleep issues and snore issues and twitching husband issues but...."(BTW, if you're young and innocent and comtemplating wedded bliss, think about these things before you tie the knot okay?)"
You just tell these things so entertainingly well!! xoxo

allie said...

Hats off to you for being able to make even sleep deprivation; snoring twitching DH and night terrors a funny read!

I feel for you - lack of sleep for any reason is horrible but glad you had a better night.
May there be many more - and sweet dreams too

Rambler said...

I tagged you - check out my blog if you wanna!

angel said...

oh boy... i feel for you, you have a lot on your plate, gill!
i average between and hours a night, i never hear my Glugs snore (i only hear damien or my phone), and i almost never remember my dreams, thank goodness!

Jeanne said...

I've never been one to need much sleep - 5-6 hours will do me just fine - but when I can't sleep I get REALLY annoyed! Usually, this has to do with (surprise surprise) Dear Husband. You seem even if your spouse doesn't have restless leg syndrome, 99% of couples will consist of one corpse sleeper and one starfish sleeper. Let's just say that I am the corpse sleeper and Nick is the starfish who likes to sleep on his back and breathe through his mouth. 'Nuff said!! Aaaarrrrgh!

Like you say - all you young lovers out there - TAKE NOTE OF THESE LITTLE THINGS!!

Glad to hear you got some sleep and hope the nightmares stay away.

Wenchy said...

I've had issues with sleeping my entire life.... very seldom that I sleep more than four hours on my own. :(

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