Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling all loved up!

This Valentine's Day was a momentous one for me. Seriously. It was huge!

Grant gave me a Valentine's gift for the first time in 20+ years!! And wait, there's more. He wrote a romantic message on our bathroom mirror before heading off for his 5am MTB ride. I still can't believe it.... I'm in shock.

What would have been a truly romantic moment - me sitting down to have my morning pee and seeing the romantic message on the mirror in front of me (can't you just feel the romance in that?) ;-) was ruined somewhat by Rox coming into our room to say hello, at the crack of dawn, and making a quick detour to our loo before leaping into bed with me. So instead of me being the one to sit down and pee, it was Rox. I was then brutally alerted to the fact that Grant had fiiiiiinally found his romantic side by Rox, perched on the loo, brandishing a great wad of loo paper, yelling "Mom! Come quick, you have to see this!!" Grief, I thought there was something wrong with her bowels or something... But hey, the end result was worth it! Rox and I were literally gob-smacked, staring at the mirror like a couple of idiots with our mouths hanging open.

It has taken more than 20 years for my man to finally wake up to the fact that, yes, even though we are married and he demonstrates his love for me daily by doing stuff like taking the rubbish out, I'd still like a little romance in my life, especially on the Day of Luuuurve!! And no he didn't give me edible undies or chocolate body paint - he gave me a Sharks T-shirt - but I'm not complaining!

Then the Sharks went and beat the Stormers in the 1st Super 14 rugby match, the beauties! Can a day get any better than this?

Well in fact it can - to top off my super, duper Valentine's Day - Allie made me the very first recipient of the Great Post award - have a peek at the award in my sidebar and read all about it on Allie's blog here and here. Thanks Allie, you're a gem and I am honoured!


nikita said...

They say boys are a bit "slow" :)

Ordinarylife said...

That is utterly fantastic!!

So I only have 19 years still to wait - at least there is hope???

Tamara said...

Brilliant! Go Grant ;-)

Lynda said...

How lovely that your husband did these things for you ! Always nice to inject a little romance in to things ;)

allie said...

*grin* - you sure have a wonderfully funny way of telling a story!

Glad your teams victory spiced up your Valentine's day -

I, on the other hand, am totally bummed that the Stormers lost to the Sharks - DH nearly bust a gut at the way they played.

His emotional state during the Super 14 is very volatile. :-)

Jeanne said...

LOL - that's brilliant! So there's hope for me?? We've only been together ten years so we still have some time to train him :)

We had a dinner party for our single friends - it was such fun and I think we'll make it an annual event!

Wenchy said...

This is just brilliant!

allie said...

You've been tagged, my friend!
Pop over and see

Lucy said...

aww LoVE how sweet that is!! Wish you would have shared a photo of it, although im sure it was a private message!
It makes mefeel so happy when I feel the happiness of a buddy! happy belated VD

angel said...

how awesome!

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