Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Imps!!

Our boy turns 18 today!!! Love you babe, hope you have a wonderful day :-)
I couldn't be more proud of him if he were my very own son
Please try to ignore the very busy curtains in the background! I need Photoshop!

Imps and my Dad

Oh and if you're wondering exactly how Imps fits into our family ...... you can read all about it here and here ;-)


Rambler said...


And I love his t-shirt - need to get me one of those!!!

The Jackson Files said...

Happpppyyyyy Biiiirrrrrthhday. Hope you all have a great day - birthdays are very special, aren't they?

Jeanne said...

What a handsome young man he is becoming! And I *love* that T-shirt... Gotta get me one!

angel said...

i LOVE that t-shirt!
happily birfdaze dude!

Simone said...

Happy Birthday

Love the suit on you.

Tamara said...

Happy Birthday, Imps!

And agree with the others - the shirt rocks.

allie said...

I investigated the background to this post - what a fantastic story!

For Impi, his Mom and for all of you.

And for all of us to hear.

Its heartwarming that, in the face of such bizarre goings on politically in this country, people are finding each other in this way.

Hope your boy (well, he's pretty much a man now :-) had a great birthday.

Fifi said...

Happy Birthday Imps! I can hear you are one proud momma to this young man! He has done so well!!!

Janine said...

What a handsome chap. :)

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Imps!
Hope it was super!

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