Thursday, March 12, 2009

When It Hasn’t Been Your Day, Your Week, Your Month, or Even Your Year…

Bear with me here, I just have to detail the long list of things that have gone wrong for me this year:

*Paula developed a large ovarian tumor and needed surgery in the first 2 weeks of 2009

*In the first week of February my father-in-law had a stroke, leaving him with a blind spot in his left eye

*My Dad went on a holiday 2 weeks ago (which he really needed so badly, considering he buried his wife in November and has had non-stop stress since then) and true as nuts his geyser burst while he was away, destroying a bed-room suite and a whole bunch of brand new wall-to-wall carpets in 2 spare rooms and his passage, not to mention the ceiling...

*which leads to the fact that I have been dealing with some exceedingly frustrating insurance call centres of late - we won't even go there!

*My father-in-law had another stroke this week and is currently in hospital, this time he lost the use of his left (thankfully!) hand

*Paula has not had asthma for nearly 18 months, we thought she had outgrown it. But no, she has been flattened the whole week - poor kid is back on the nebuliser 3 times a day, steroids, you name it we are throwing everything at it....which is why I haven't slept for 3 nights and feel so crap.

*The doctor confirmed my suspicion that the cause of the asthma is 99% likely to be the fact that I (being the brain box mom that I am ...NOT!) allowed her to swim at school in a salt-chlorinated pool, which had had chlorine added(which I knew about...bright spark!)...thinking that she might have outgrown the chlorine issue too.....she evidently hasn't (no sh#*t Sherlock!) and it would appear she is unlikely to.

*which leads me to the fact that we are going to Sun City in 2 weeks and I am going to sit there with a frustrated child who will not be able to swim....

*Oh and Rox is heading off in her car tomorrow, on her own, to travel 3 hours to visit her boyfriend. My child, ALONE, among 100s of people, on busy roads, who don't know how to drive properly.....I DON"T like it!!

Okay, so you get the picture - I am in a VERY bad mood and feeling VERY sorry for myself!!

(Forgive me if you now have the Friends theme tune going round and round in your too!)


Simply-Mel said...

Yes, now the theme song is stuck BUT its nothing compared to your life right now.

I am soooo sorry; with Levi just having had his asthma scare I can well imagine your feelings. As moms we expect so much from ourselves!

Oi, I cannot imagine the day I let my kids out on these crazy roads.

btw: any news on the dad that had the fall at work?

Hugs and prayers to you.

angel said...

Sheesh... now I'm stressed for you!
Thats some list Gill, I do hope the rest of the year is easier and more restful.

allie said...

All this in two and half months!
That is a horrendous list -congrats on still standing upright!

Poor Paula! She's had a rough go hasn't she. .
Hope she's on her feet by now.
At least you know its just that one thing that triggers the asthma, so she can avoid that.
Bummer in the summer though (no flippancy intended there)

You are due for some really good times now.
Hope they barrel in soon.

Praying for you

Rambler said...

Aw, been wondering why you've been so quiet...

Big hug Gill!

Anonymous said...

Can't say 2009 has been a walk in the park here either. Sorry to hear your FIL had another stroke!! (((hugs))) to all of you

Kirsty said...

Hey! I'm here from simply mel! First time squiz at your jottings - but I like what I see!
Hope 2009 only gets better for you!
Kirsty x

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

Any good stuff happening right now, that you can think of? Hold on to those thoughts when the going gets tough.

addie said...

And I thought my year started off badly!!!! Sorry about all this; hopefully life will ease up a little.

Hugs dear!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh dear - sounds like a really rough start to the year. Horrible when a year starts so badly & I really hope things look up and stress levels drop a little...

Lucy said...

that is A LOT of crap going on!! so sorry Gill you have every right to feel sorry for your self! HoW is Paula recouping??
I hope the surgery went well.
hang in there! xox

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