What to do? What to do?

I got to work this morning, only to discover that the painters who have been around and about for the last 2 (ghastly!)weeks, have decided that today is the day to paint my office. I would honestly have thought that some warning would have been in order, surely they could have told me this yesterday.... but they didn't... So surprise, surprise, I will be unable to work today, the day before a 3 day weekend! What could I say? YAY!!! HOORAY!!! YippEEE! I am SO out of here!! was my immediate reaction!

So I dried my tears, got back in the car and came home. My problem now is - What to do first? I have a list a mile long of all sorts of arbitary things that I want to do.... mess about planning our holiday (56 days to takeoff!), blog, catch up on my bulging feed reader, spend some time on facebook, phone a friend, play with the kitten (she has become the cutest cat in all creation, by the way) photostat some recipes, tidy some cupboards (okay skip that one!) .... Where do I start? With a cup of tea and a mindless blog post of course!

Re: the Voters Thumb I posted about before. I had a little "incident". A couple of days ago I noticed that the dye on my skin was starting to wear off and was looking more like dirt than anything else, not a good look, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed an emery board and instead of "gently buffing it" as Kitty Cat suggested in her comment, I vigorously attacked it, with more enthusiasm than sense. I have discovered that I am somewhat like a dinosaur when it comes to nerve endings.....especially when I am chatting on the phone to a client at the same time as I am sawing away at my thumb - I honestly never noticed the pain until I had removed a little of the dye, a fat layer of skin and a good chunk of my cuticle.... Ouch! Not a course of action that I would recommend...

Thumb watching

I've been doing a lot of thumb watching the last couple of days.

And no, it's not because I just recently discovered that the average guy's pen1s is twice the length of his thumb! Sis! Get your mind out of the gutter!!

My obsession with thumbs stems from the fact that, if you voted in the South African election on Wednesday, you will be suffering from Voter's Thumb. Before casting our ballots we were marked with indelible ink on our left thumbs. Some Inkers were more zealous than others and the mark ranges from a tiny dot on the cuticle, to a full blown stripe down the thumb such as the one the enthusiastic IEC chappie provided me with:

Voter's Thumb

So, I have been taking a keen interest in the condition of the left thumb of everyone I have come into contact with since the election. Because, quite frankly, if you aren't sporting a Voter's Thumb I have to confess that I don't like you very much right now!

I'm a firm believer in the power of the vote. Every South African, over the age of 18, who had the capacity to vote should have queued to make their mark on Wednesday. As adults we have a responsibility to do so. No excuses...

Snippets of my life for your reading pleasure...

Thought you might be interested to know what I have been getting up to during my hibernation...

Remember we inherited Lilo from the people across the road a little while ago? Well she has settled in quite nicely. There is still a bit of a power struggle going on between her and Chloe – but I think that’s to be expected as they are pretty much the same size and more-or-less the same age. Fortunately they are no longer barking at each other continuously – believe me, that stage grew very old, very quickly! Right now they are on the "if I ignore you then perhaps you will go away stage" - much easier on our ears.

3 weeks ago I went to fill up my car and Rox came along for the ride. As we were pulling out of the garage we noticed a tiny little black kitten darting around the main road and then heading straight for an oncoming taxi, at which point I shut my eyes, so I never saw how it miraculously avoided becoming road kill, but the tenacious little beast did. At which point Rox went straight into “rescuer mode” and spent a good few minutes, dodging various vehicles and hurtling after the poor, terrified creature, until she finally captured the little scrap of feline smelliness. Seriously, this little kitten smelt like it had been living in a pit toilet!!
The pathetic little bit of matted fluff was brought home, washed and took up residence in the girls’ bathroom, behind the laundry basket, from whence it hissed at life in general and us in particular for a good few hours. The following day we took it for a visit to our local vet, who pronounced it to be a 6 week old female. He said the “nits” which I had decided it was suffering from and which had caused a bout of unprecedented hand and hair washing in our home, were in fact flea eggs (who knew that flea eggs look exactly like nits on the fur of a black kitten?!) He poured various lotions onto and into our newest resident, pronounced her relatively fit and well, considering her rather dodgy start in life, and sent her home to be pampered into a princess among felines.
She is now hale and hearty, goes by the name of Pepsi and is keeping us all entertained with her crazy antics. Zip has yet to embrace this intrusion into his territory, but is viewing it from a distance, disdainfully....


So yes, you could say Grant and I are the Brangelina of the animal kingdom. We’re just vertically challenged, horizontally gifted versions of our more famous counterparts! (you'll notice that we have even gone so far as copying the "matching principle" that the real Brangelina believe in.... we are in our "black stage" at the moment - Lilo arrived, a black animal - so we went out and acquired another black animal, so that Lilo would feel a sense of belonging....snigger, snigger...)
Less than a week after the arrival of Pepsi we headed off to Sun City for 5 days (as celebrities are wont to do), with a short sojourn into the depths of the East Rand on the way, but that’s another story altogether... Fortunately I have a mother-in-law who is not fazed by much, even our Brangelina tendencies. So my in-laws moved in while we were away and spent the week valiantly trying to instil some kind of order into our bourgeoning menagerie. Dad’s first words on arrival? “Place’s becoming like a bluddy zoo!” Couldn’t have said it better meself!

Sun City was utterly divine! I do love it there. So relaxing and stress free, okaaay and just a little bit kitsch too, but it’s a nice kind of kitsch. My Dad came with us and we had some lovely family bonding time. And also some very lovely cocktails and a couple of awesome breakfasts. Nice!

I’ve always wanted to see a Lilac-breasted roller in the flesh (feather?) and at Sun City I got to do just that. Isn’t it beautiful? You'll be relieved to know that we didn't bring him home....and we didn't get pooped on either.

Paula’s asthma is 100% better. She coped very well at Sun City – she went on a couple of slides wearing a nose-clip, but soon realized that she was probably tempting fate and eventually gave up on the whole slide thang and was satisfied to float along the lazy river with her lazy mom instead.

Paula brought home a fantastic report. I love my little over-achiever! As you can see above, Rox doesn't always feel quite the same way!!

Grant and I have been doing a bit of walking. I have realized that I am not going to lose any weight by doing this – I am simply taking my fat along for an outing, instead of losing it along the way, but what the hell - I have begun to enjoy our little jaunts, so we’ll keep at it.
We went and applied for our UK visas last week. The filling in of the forms was quite an experience. In fact it took us a couple of days to get all the forms filled in and all the documents filed. Felt more like the submission of a dossier than the submission of application forms, but you gotta do what you gotta do..... That holiday is SO going to be worth it. 72 days and counting. Yes, I am actually sad enough to count down the days....
On Saturday we walked down to the Ski-boat base for a change of scenery and saw a fishing boat flip over as it was launching. It was all very dramatic and certainly livened up our daily constitutional. Fortunately no-one was injured in the laying on of this entertainment for me, but the boat was a bit of a wreck.

On Easter Sunday we went to a sunrise service. We arrived there in the dark. I don’t do early mornings as a rule, but I am rather glad I did this one. It was quite awesome to watch the sunrise to the sounds of the Hallelujah chorus.

Rox and her boyfriend broke up yesterday. The less said about that the better.
So life saunters along in our neck of the woods.... I'll be doing some blog hopping soon to find out what has been going on in yours!