Thursday, April 30, 2009

What to do? What to do?

I got to work this morning, only to discover that the painters who have been around and about for the last 2 (ghastly!)weeks, have decided that today is the day to paint my office. I would honestly have thought that some warning would have been in order, surely they could have told me this yesterday.... but they didn't... So surprise, surprise, I will be unable to work today, the day before a 3 day weekend! What could I say? YAY!!! HOORAY!!! YippEEE! I am SO out of here!! was my immediate reaction!

So I dried my tears, got back in the car and came home. My problem now is - What to do first? I have a list a mile long of all sorts of arbitary things that I want to do.... mess about planning our holiday (56 days to takeoff!), blog, catch up on my bulging feed reader, spend some time on facebook, phone a friend, play with the kitten (she has become the cutest cat in all creation, by the way) photostat some recipes, tidy some cupboards (okay skip that one!) .... Where do I start? With a cup of tea and a mindless blog post of course!

Re: the Voters Thumb I posted about before. I had a little "incident". A couple of days ago I noticed that the dye on my skin was starting to wear off and was looking more like dirt than anything else, not a good look, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed an emery board and instead of "gently buffing it" as Kitty Cat suggested in her comment, I vigorously attacked it, with more enthusiasm than sense. I have discovered that I am somewhat like a dinosaur when it comes to nerve endings.....especially when I am chatting on the phone to a client at the same time as I am sawing away at my thumb - I honestly never noticed the pain until I had removed a little of the dye, a fat layer of skin and a good chunk of my cuticle.... Ouch! Not a course of action that I would recommend...

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