Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doggedly devoted

99% of the time I prefer dogs to humans. Given the choice of a human or canine companion I’d pick the canine every time. Does that make me a little eccentric? Quite probably. Does that worry me? Not at all. I like it that way.

Dogs are just so straight forward. There’s no pretence, none of this nonsense of having to listen to what the person is saying, but at the same time read their body language to know what’s actually going on. There’s no reading between the lines. With dogs you know what’s going on, it’s obvious.

Dogs are completely upfront. If they dislike you, you know all about it; on the other hand if they love you to bits they’re completely upfront about that too. I like that about dogs.

Take Rud for example: Rud belongs to my Dad and Impi. Although he lives with them, over at my Dad’s house, and on paper is their dog, Rud has chosen me to be his “person”. Rud adores me and he makes this utterly obvious. There is no doubt in my mind that this dog would risk life and limb for me. How many people can I say that about?

Is he not the most gorgeous creature?
At the moment I am nursing Rud through a nervous breakdown. Rud (his full name is Rutherford, poor fellow - that probably accounts for a number of his issues) came to live with my Dad when he was a "teenager" and it appears that he suffered some abuse at his previous residence. He is a verrrry nervous boy and although he is large and has a well-developed bark his appearance belies his gentle, fragile nature.

For the last couple of weeks my Dad has had painters at his house and this has caused Rud to suffer a nervous breakdown. For about 10 days Rud had to spend my working hours (in case you’re new here, I work in the granny flat on my Dad’s property) under my desk. Bearing in mind that Rud is a Great Dane-cross-Rhodesian Ridgeback, you’ll understand why those 10 days were excruciatingly uncomfortable for me and rather disconcerting for my clients. Fortunately my clients only pop around once in a blue moon, so Rud and I only had a couple of visitors to contend with…and the computer repair man who had a hard time dealing with my badly behaved computer and scary looking dog all at once – but that’s another story! (I am of course way more concerned with Rud’s well-being than my clients’ momentary discomfort – but we’ll keep that between us okay? Wouldn’t want The Boss to fire me now would we!)

Like me, he's camera-shy!
Thankfully the painters have finally left and with a whole bunch of Tender Loving Care, Rud has reached the point where he feels comfortable venturing out from under the desk and now spends his mornings lying on my office floor in a patch of sun. He still feels the need to follow me to the loo and sometimes tries to climb through my car window when I leave, but we are making progress. The family thinks I am mad the way I nurture this dog, but really I don’t care. Rud loves me, he thinks I’m the greatest. The fact that I am a cranky, over-weight middle aged woman matters not one jot to him, in his eyes I am perfect. That kind of devotion totally deserves my respect!!


Simply-Mel said...

He is beautiful! And I truly believe every girl needs a Rud in her life!

Joanne said...

Hi I popped over from Life in Linfield. I have read a few posts but fear I will be late for work if I dont stop now. I will be back cos I am a big doggy fan so I can totally relate to your stories.

Jeanne said...

Holy guacamole - a Dane/Ridgeback cross?? A brave breeder, that was!! He looks absolutely gorgeous though - but I can understand why he might make clients nervous!

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