Friday, May 01, 2009

IPL cricket is fun!

We went to an IPL cricket match in Durban on Saturday.

Rox and Grant are huge cricket fans, Paula and I... not so much. I can usually tell the difference between a "4" and a "6", I know who's a bowler, who's a batsman and who the fielders are, I know that sometimes the umpire stands on one leg and I know that when the duck walks across the TV screen it is not a good thing for the batsman - but that's about the sum total of my cricketing knowledge. Paula knows even less.

Grant suggested we go and watch an IPL game as we'd never been to the cricket before and, being 20/20 format, he reckoned the cricket virgins among us would survive it. So I got on the internet and booked us some tickets. We saw the Mumbai Indian/Deccan Chargers game. Paula was under-awed to say the least at the prospect of wasting a Saturday watching a bunch of men throwing a ball about, but I convinced her that she had to come anyway.

We got there early, as the gates were opening, and thanks to my dodgy bladder and the fact that the loo was right there purely by chance, the girls and Grant were gathered at the stairs as the team buses arrived. So we got to see both teams file past on their way to their dressing rooms (change rooms? locker rooms?) Jonty stopped and gave Paula his autograph - he was SO sweet to the kids (and adults!) asking for autographs, a real gentleman. She would have got Shaun Pollock's too (he was equally nice and patient), only we couldn't find a pen at that very moment....aaaargh!
Rox was beyond ecstatic that Herschelle Gibbs actually SPOKE to her (the fact that he was telling her that he does not do autographs before a match and that she should come back afterwards was completely beside the point!) - she absolutely adores him - why I don't know! (That girl has disturbingly weird taste in men!!)
That's Herschelle's bald head going up the stairs

We then got to see Danny K live - okay, he was a million miles away and was a little Lilliputian (sp?) figure on the stage from where we were sitting, but still, we could hear him and see him on the big screens. Love Danny K! Verrry sexy!

And then the game happened. I have to admit that a LOT of the time I was not looking at the game, but was watching for the fireworks, ogling the famous cricketers in the box directly behind us (I even recognised one or two of them), staring at the dancing girls (they were surprisingly old), anticipating the next mexican wave (such fun!), looking at the spectators (Durban definitely has the best looking people in the entire world, thanks to our large Indian population)..... and sometimes I even watched the cricket! It was so much FUN! A delightful way to spend a sunny Saturday. I LIKE the IPL!! A LOT!

Oh and Paula, who got in the car to go to the cricket with a rather sour face, LOVED every moment, she was up and out of her seat, waving her "4" and "6" poster at all the right moments, clapping, yelling and banging those noisy yellow things together with the best of them.....


kerri said...

Sports are always so much more fun in person. Love the telling of your day!!!

Tamara said...

No, Gill! Come back from the dark side! Cricket?!?!?!

Simone said...

I love Jonty

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