Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good grief woman, get a grip!

We finally went and saw "17 Again" last night - Grant included, he would never openly admit it, but I think he actually likes chick-flicks and teeny-bopper movies. Or maybe he has learnt to tolerate them by force of circumstance?

Anyway, the thing is, and I am deeply ashamed to admit it, but I have developed this alarming crush on Zac Efron.... In the words of Katy Perry, "I was disgusted with myself" when I realised I was licking my lips at the mere sight of him on the big screen, having to wipe away a trail of drool from my chin..... Eeuuww there is something very disturbing about a matronly 40-something year old woman having decidedly dirty thoughts about a rather effeminate 20-something year old. But there you have it, I think he is smoking hot!! Yummy!!

Rox is adamant that he is gay. Could be. I have always had a thing for gay guys. I like my men clean, tidy, sensitive, cute......pretty much sums up 99% of the gay population doesn't it? (If you're reading this Charlie, don't be scared of meeting for coffee I won't hit on you I promise!!) The girls laugh at me because if I point out a cute guy to them, nine times out of ten his boy-friend suddenly appears around the corner.... Just as well I'm happily married, I'd be completely hopeless at trying to find a boy-friend!

Which leads me to wonder how on earth I find myself married to a big hunky, untidy (but clean!), not particularly sensitive, alpha-male kind of dude? My friends were all very surprised when I fell head over heels for Grant, but no-one was more surprised than me! He didn't tick one of the boxes I sub-consciously measured all my boy-friends against. The thing is we click. In some weird and unlikely way, we really, really suit each other.

I know for a fact that I could not live happily with one of the clean, sensitive, obsessively tidy guys that I am naturally attracted to; not for 5 minutes - that'd be waaaay too much angst and obsessiveness in one house. Nope. I need Grant to push my boundaries, to challenge me, to not put up with my sh%t, to give me a sharp reality check every now and then. And he'd never admit it but Grant would be lost without me - he needs me to be the one fretting about things, making lists, moaning about the mess, nagging about tasks left undone... Truth be told, every now and again when no-one is around he actually admits this!

The other night I was lying in bed after Grant had had a particularly alpha-male, butch kind of day and I was pondering these very things; wondering how on earth I find myself happily married to a man who likes to drink beer and sweat and watch violent movies.... shudder.. and then he leant over and kissed me good-night and then he cradled the little kitten that was nestled between our pillows and he kissed her good-night too and suddenly I knew why I married him..... somewhere in amongst all that testosterone there is my sensitive, loving dream come true!


Rambler said...

What an amazing post!

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with drooling over Zac. Well now, if you did it in high School musical 1 then that was creepy... he's just too perfect not to be drooled over...

Secondly, I'm not sure he's gay, but I have the worst gaydar in the world. You literally have to be screaming out of the closet for me to even suspect...

Thirdly, I loved the last part of your blog... so beautiful...

Thanks for a great post to start the day!

Simply-Mel said...

Ha! YOu should have been on FB with me a few weeks ago when I posted the pic of him off Rolling Stone magazine. I almost hyperventilated. I was suitably rebuked by all my aged friends about perving over a boy but THE POINT IS ...

I may be older but I AM NOT FREAKING DEAD!! The boy is hot. Period. And he is not gay. And if he is - who the hell cares, not like I had a shot anyway!!!

Love the last paragraph of your blog - very touching!

Anonymous said...

My Hubby and I are also complete opposites but I think the reason why it works is that we 'balance' each other.

Andrea said...

I am silenced (and that doesn't happen often lol)...what a STUNNING post and it actually helped me put some stuff into perspective too...thanks so much for sharing!


allie said...

Oh but I enjoyed this post!

As Mel says, because years have passed, it doesn't mean that we are dead - or blind.

I remember a very attractive finalist in The Bachelorette a couple of years ago . . .stupid cow turned him down.
All the girl viewers (and I'm sure those past girlhood) were like: "WhaaaaT! Is the woman crazy?!"

There was a rumour that she was having an affair with her boss: I think we just HAD to find some reason why she would turn down such a gorgeous, quirky intelligent guy.

Just to reassure ourselves that the world had not gone completely mad

Love the end bit too - and I love that my large sporty guy's guy is as soft as butter inside . . . quite mooshy actually.

geoff said...

grant don't get soft on me buddy

Simone said...

He is hot.

We are still waiting to see the movie ourselves - my daughter and I.

Tamara said...

I find it quite disturbing how perfect Zac Efron is, actually. No-one should allowed to be so good-looking and talented.

I too am usually attracted to the un-alpha men, but married a rugby-watching, beer-drinking boer and I loved how you described your relationship with Grant. I so identify! And every time I see him going ga-ga over our kitties, I get to see the softie side ;-)

Regina said...

Hi my friend! Have not been through in a while and hope all is well with you and yours!

As for your dirty little secret! LOL!
You can have your cake and eat it too!

Jeanne said...

I can't say I have a thing for Zac - but I DO have a thing for Brandon Flowers of the Killers, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance... any androgynous boy in eyeliner, really!! As a previous commenter said, I am married/40, not dead/blind!!

And then, like you, I married this completely Alpha, not-at-all androgynous bloke who drinks beer and burps and farts and knows how to do DIY and loves sport. But I honestly do not think I could have stayed married to anybody else!! Certainyl not somebody who might steal my eyeliner or expensive shampoo ;-)

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