Thursday, June 18, 2009

One week!

We leave for our overseas jaunt exactly one week from today. I can't believe how time has flown!

Right now I am surprisingly cool and calm about the whole thing. I have made an awesome packing list (as you can imagine!) and 1001 to-do lists for myself and various other family members, so I am actually feeling quite on top of things at the mo. Probably because I haven't had much time to think about it!

For those of us lucky enough to wangle Monday off work, last weekend was a 4 day weekend. We got to spend the weekend in Pietermaritzburg of all places. Not that I have anything against PMB as such. During my years in Greytown, 'Martizburg was our nearest city and I spent an awful lot of time there and grew to love "Sleepy Hollow". But it's not the place I'd choose to spend a weekend.

Paula was recently chosen to be a member of our district's under 14 hockey team and this was the reason for our soujourn to 'Maritzburg. The provincial hockey tournament took place there over the weekend. Because of Grant's inordinately big mouth, he found himself in the position of Team Manager. So Rox and I got to spend the weekend at a B&B and Grant had the privilege of sleeping in a hostel, with only a handful of other men and a couple of floors full of noisy teenage girls. Geez I felt sorry for him!! Leaving him there all defenceless felt like driving a lamb to slaughter.

That being said, things actually went relatively well until Sunday night. Sunday night was an unadulterated nightmare. After supper Rox and I got back to our (as it turned out, rather dodgy) B&B to discover that the manageress person had gone off and left her sidekick in charge. Said side-kick was socialising with about 6 rather inebriated men in the back-yard.... By 10pm when the noise levels showed no signs of decreasing and the inebriated fellows had taken to walking up and down the passage, Rox and I decided to take our chances with the teenagers in the hostel! We jumped in the car with the bare necessities and arrived on Grant's doorstep. Like dealing with a whole bunch of whiny, exhausted teenagers wasn't enough - the poor thing now had whiny, disgruntled wife and daughter to contend with.....!

So for the first time in our lives, we got to experience hostel life. I can tell you I am extremely glad I never had to live in a hostel!! Non-stop noise, hideous bedrooms, draughty passages and total lack of privacy in the bathrooms.....definitely NOT my style!

And then the gastric flu struck..... By morning Grant and a couple of the other coaches/managers were "man down", our Under 14 goalie had succumed and was crouched over a bucket and was in no state to do anything... A hostel is an unhappy place to be IMO at the best of times, but when gastro steps in.....eish!!!

Thankfully we had only one match left to get through! We played with a goalie who had never been a goalie before, a few girls who were looking exceedingly pale and waif like (you're not actively vomiting girl, of course you can play!), 2 girls (including Paula) who actually limped onto the field and for half of the game we were a player short!!... it was not pretty! And yet those girls played their hearts out! I was so proud of them! We had to play one of the strongest teams in the tournament - who all looked very robust and had reserves aplenty - and the score ended up being 4-2 to them. Brilliant all considered.

So that was our weekend. I am still recovering!!


The Jackson Files said...

oh my gosh. have the VERY best time. i hope you get to blog a bit when you are there.

allie said...

Sounds horrendous!
Enjoy your holiday - don't forget to take a hankie and a jersey.

Simply-Mel said...

An interesting long weekend....ick! Am sure you overseas sojourn will be noteworthy and I cant wait to hear the details. Have Fun - thats an order!

Jeanne said...

Oh my word!! You should name & shame the B&B...

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