Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick update

My sms roaming on my phone is not working ;-( so I can't update to twitter.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are having the MOST divine time!

We had all sorts of travel hassles to begin with: Imagine this - we get on the plane at Dbn and you know how I hate planes...... Taxi off to the runway and there is a problem with the plane! Freak out! We had a one and a half hour delay, finally got on another plane and very, very nearly missed our Heathrow flight in JHB... stress. Anyway, we finally made it to London unscathed.

And boy have we been busy since then! We did Tussauds, we shopped (Rox's baggage didn't make it to London with us...) We did the Hop-on hop-off bus. Very, very exciting - I met my first ever real live blogger! Jeanne from Cooksister. She is SUCH a sweetie.

And then yesterday we started our European tour. After meeting our tour group in London we bused down to Dover and then caught the ferry from Dover to Calais where we boarded our tour bus. We drove through Belgium - beautiful green countryside and the fattest, most content-looking cows I have ever seen - and on to Amsterdam. I LOVE Amsterdam! The canals and canalside homes, the it's beautiful. We did a quick soujorn into the red-light district and then had a lovely Chinese dinner. And today we have had a gorgeous brekkie and are now heading off to Germany. yay!!


Andrea said...

Already sounds like you are having an awesome time and the weather is just beautiful at the moment so am sure that is making it even better.

looking forward to more updates.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time and your weather good. We are freezing cold and the wind has been howling. Air Show cancelled due to windy conditions. Keep us posted. Gerds.

Kitty Cat said...

Weather here has been really bad, miserable in fact, so glad you are having a good time over there!!!

Jenny in Durbs said...

Sounds really wonderful. Enjoy it & have a ball.

Tamara said...

Sounds blissful - so glad you're enjoying it all!

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear you got across the Channel OK :) Judging from your post and Rox's Twitter you are haveing an awesome time in Europe!

Thanks also for your lovely compliment - it was a total pleasure meeting you and your fab family! It felt as if I'd known you (and them!) for years and that we were old friends catching up rather than meeting for the first time. Safe travels for the rest of your trip :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue having a fabulous time, I believe Germany is really hot at the moment! Safe travels!

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