Friday, June 05, 2009

Twas my baby's birthday

Yesterday was my Paula's 14th birthday!  I had planned to do a birthday post for her, but coming so close on the heels of her First Communion, I decided not to.  Rox however did do a birthday post for Paula and I'd love it if you would pop over and have a look at it.  It's really special, especially her very, very special photo of Paula!!  Click here 


Pamela said...

Happy Birthday to her. Wow, 14! She must feel like she is OLD now??? Although maybe having an older sister makes her feel more grounded.

Andrea said...

Happy birthday Paula...hope it was a special one!

Anonymous said...

I think it is absolutely fabulous that your two girls have such love and mutual respect for one another! I can only hope that my boys will have the same type of relationship as they grow up.

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Paula!
What amazing daughters you have Gill!
Rox' words really moved me!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Paula! My oldest grandson had his first Communion a couple weeks ago. He is 8.

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