I just know that you are all dying to know how my "No Swearing" endeavour is going. Well I'm not going to tell you. All I came hear to say was:

1) Thank goodness it's Friday

2) Oh shit, I haven't posted in a full week.

I have a new resolution...starting Monday

Every year, on New Year's Day, I make a resolution to stop swearing. Every year on the 2nd of January I give up on that resolution, until the first day of the following year. This will have been happening for 20 years come January. I know this because the first time I made this resolution was on the January after Rox was born, I didn't want my child growing up around a mother who curses like a bad-tempered sailor.

I swear. I am not proud of this fact. I think swearing is horrible, it's unladylike, it's common, it's stupid. And yet, I swear. Most people are quite surprised to hear this, it seems I don't look the "swearing sort"! I'm matronly and mousey looking and it would seem that matronly, mousey people are more inclined to say things like "Oh my goodness" than "Oh shit". I'm afraid I go with "Oh shit!" every single time.

I have tried to analyse why I feel the need to curse at the drop of a hat, ...or a cell phone, ...or a phone line, or a...... you get the picture? And the theory I have come up with is this: (1) I think in swear words. The sentences that form in my head are littered with graphic, descriptive, techni -coloured swear words. (2) I am an emotional kind of person and I feel things really strongly. I don't just feel tired, or happy, or cross; I feel utterly exhausted (in my head I'm thinking... buggered), ecstatically happy (in my head I'm happy as a pig in shit), or totally fed up (in my head I'm thinking...pissed off) Do you see the problem?

I have learnt to control this "issue" of mine. Basically what I do is censor the words before they come out of my mouth. It goes something like this:

I think "Oh shit, I forgot my bloody shopping list again!"
I say "Ag no, I left my shopping list at home."

I think "Would you look at that ar$ehole, overtaking on a blind rise! idiot!"
I say "Hmmm, these taxi drivers need to go for driving lessons"

It works, but it's exhausting and I have to watch my tongue the whole time. And it also makes the world seem, I don't know, dull? And boring?

In any event, it works. So what's the problem you wonder?

The problem is, that the self-censoring only works most of the time. It does not work when I get a fright, am taken by surprise, or hurt myself...... Problematic.

I once tripped going into church.....enough said.

Or take for example the excrutiating moment, on a boat with our tour group, in the middle of Lake Lucerne, when I thought I had dropped Rox's camera into the flipping lake! Oh dear! What came out of my mouth was loud, it was descriptive and it was not at all lady-like. I froze with my hand clamped firmly over my mouth too late and my family froze, wide-eyed, looking at me in horror. I blush and squirm just thinking about it. Fortunately my girls saw the funny side of it later and we giggled late into the night about my Most Embarrassing Moment. (Rox's camera was fine, it landed on a little ledge and was retrievable....thankfully) But seriously who wants a mother who does stuff like this??

Then there was the moment when I made a complete (uh, insert rude word for breast) of myself by dropping my shoe between the tube and the platform in London and found myself hopping about a tube on one leg (well would you put your foot down on a dirty tube floor?) to the amusement of half of London.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I have realised that it is time to rid myself of this stupid weakness. I am trying to cultivate a more...gracious, ladylike and dignified persona for myself.

We'll see how that works out for me.........

Post holiday blues

I always feel a bit glum after a nice holiday, but this time it goes way beyond glum. I'm downright miserable! The worst is getting back into my stride at work, it's just not happening and I am SO busy.

"Vat day" and "salary day" (two biggies in my line of work) are looming and all I can think is: Don't these people realise that I may be sitting at my desk, looking interested, but in my head I am actually floating about in a gondola, sipping on a chilled prosecco, watching gorgeous Italian men parade by? Who cares about trial balances and bank statements? Puhleez, leave me alone with my fantasies.....

Oh dear....

European Experience 2009

We're back! We had such a brilliant time! I kept a journal the whole time we were away and I've decided to transfer it all to a blog, so if you have the urge to read all about it and see a couple of the photos, you can find the blog here. I've only just started, but I aim to get the whole thing "done and dusted" as soon as possible, while it's all still fresh in my mind - which means I won't be around here very much for a bit! Oh and I'll be popping over to see what you've all been up to while I've been away as soon as I get a moment.

Another update

Internet access has been very sporadic......

We have had THE most amazing time! Wow! I am going to be boring you guys for months with all my stories....

In Switzerland at the moment, off to Paris tomorrow and then back to England. It's all going way to quickly.

Bye for now