Friday, July 17, 2009

European Experience 2009

We're back! We had such a brilliant time! I kept a journal the whole time we were away and I've decided to transfer it all to a blog, so if you have the urge to read all about it and see a couple of the photos, you can find the blog here. I've only just started, but I aim to get the whole thing "done and dusted" as soon as possible, while it's all still fresh in my mind - which means I won't be around here very much for a bit! Oh and I'll be popping over to see what you've all been up to while I've been away as soon as I get a moment.


allie said...

Glad to have you back safe and sound, Gill.
Glad you've had such a great time.
Will check out your travel blog when I have lots of time.
Looking forward to it

Addie said...

Welcome home!!!
I'm off to the other blog to read all about your wonderful holiday!!!

Andrea said...

Welcome back, glad you had a good trip, can't wait to read all about it!


Simone said...


Jeanne said...

Hey - you're back! Glad you had such a fab time and what a pity we could not meet up a second time in London. Will definitely be popping over to your other blog to check out the trip :)

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