Monday, August 17, 2009

Harbouring a serial killer..of sorts...

I have a confession to make: I have knowingly been harbouring not one, but a few serial killers for the last few years. And the stress is beginning to get to me! Not to mention the corpses!

It all began the day after we moved into our new home a couple of years ago. Paula had her friend Michelle over and they were playing in the garden - oh sorry, I forgot tweens don't play, they hang out. Anyway, whatever, they were "hanging out" in the garden, when I heard a blood curdling yell and a shrill, yelping sort of bark. Rox is quicker off the mark, so she shot outside, where she too began to yell, I then hoofed it outside and was met with the most bizarre sight, a sort of "run past"; first a bunny, followed by my late daschund, Chelsea, with Jackie, the Jack Russell, in hot pursuit, followed by the 2 other dogs, then came Paula, panting and yelling, followed by Michelle, followed by Roxy! What was I to do? I joined in at the back of course..... It looked very much like a hysterical sort of "Locomotion" dance! And this people was the sight that greeted Michelle's mom, who happens to be my good friend Tania, when she arrived at our gate to fetch her daughter. We all ran past her, yelling frantically, as she stood at the gate, completely bemused and then very amused! This particular episode, thankfully, had a happy ending when said bunny managed to squeeze through the fence to its home on the other side.

That weekend I was sitting on the verandah, telling my parents-in-law this very story when our gate bell rang. Grant went to see who was there and then came to tell us that it was the owner of the bunnies, who was adamant that our Boerbul was in his yard, killing his bunnies. I refused to believe it. Nala is the most pathetically, harmless, great oaf of a dog that ever was. She is mentally handicapped (I'm not joking, she really is.) And she would not harm a flea. In any event, Grant went to investigate.

Humour me for a minute: Picture how you would feel if you were faced with Mother Teresa armed with an automatic rifle, blowing a couple of Calcutta's poorest of the poor to smithereens, with a big fat grin on her face. Well now you have some inkling of how I felt when Grant arrived at the gate, frog-marching my beloved Nala, who was wearing a grin the size of the Nile river, with bunny blood dripping from her loose jowls. Horrified. Mortified. And I swear I could hear Nala humming "I've - had - the time of my liiiiife....and I've never felt this way before...."

It was blatantly obvious that the fence between our property and that of the reckless bunny breeders was not doing it's job! That Monday morning at 8am I was on the phone to the builders, arranging for a large concrete wall to go up between us and the remaining bunnies. Nala was sent on holiday to my Dad's house in the interim and a couple of weeks later the wall was up. Problem solved.

Weeeell not exactly. It appears that concrete walls are there simply to provide a challenge for bunnies, not to keep them out. About a week after the wall went up I spotted a bunny playing in my veggie garden....

A couple of days later we were greeted by the sight of Jackie, bunny firmly clamped in her little lips... Fortunately that bunny was rescued and survived to tell the tale.


Since then Chloe has killed a bunny.


Believe it or not, our little cat Pepsi has killed a bunny. That was a particularly dreadful episode for me - I held the dying bunny in my hands and I completely lost my cool... thank the pope Rox was there to sort the situation out, because I was a gibbering idiot!

My precious cat Zip was found in the lounge with a dead bunny in his mouth, but this of course in no way proves that he actually killed the bunny. He's my favourite boy - he would never do an ugly thing like that.

The final straw came on Sunday. As I stepped outside to hang out my washing I found a dead bunny in Chloe's bed (there were no dogs in sight at the time, so the perpetrator of this crime has yet to be established). I pretty much flipped my lid. The thing is I simply cannot have this happening in my garden anymore. It wasn't that long ago that I read "Watership Down". I love bunnies.....

I wish the bunnies would realise that our garden is a bad, evil place. Why the idiotic owner of the bunnies can't control them I really don't know. His attitude sucks. But the bottom line is chasing bunnies is instinct when you are a dog (and, it would appear, a cat) ..... and if those bunnies keep on coming into our yard, my dogs will continue to be serial killers. And I am having a very hard time with this!!


Andrea said...

you are so right it boils down to basic instincts and if the bunny owner can't be responsible enough to keep his bunnies on his own property it will continue to be very difficult for you.

When we had rabbits we found the only way to stop them digging under fences was to dig a trench about 40 cm along the fence, place mesh into it and then recover....bunnies don't burrow more then that and the mesh will stop them going through....just a thought.


Kirsty said...

ah, poor bunnies! Would break my heart too! But really, Mr neighbour needs to take some responsibility too. What does have in his garden, free-roaming bunnies, aka watership down utopia??
AND - hate to inform you - but the bunny in the bed?? That smacks of a feline present giving ceremony. So - you need to work out which of your felines would be giving chloe a present, and then you have your culprit! x

Joanne said...

What a crap situation to be in Gill, clearly not your fault though, you need to get this guy to keep his bunnies in an enclosure, perhaps take all the corpes to him to deal with?

angel said...

Thats dreadful. Why doesn't he make a plan with the bloody bunnies!!

Jeanne said...

OK, my question is why are these bunnies not in some sort of run or hutch? I mean, surely he can't just have them running free in his garden? I think he's noticed the consequences... Your pets are just acting on instinct!

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