Friday, October 02, 2009

Random Dozen

I saw this over at Just Some Thoughts and although I'm a bit late, I decided to join in anyway. Random Dozen is hosted by 2nd Cup of Coffee

1. Tell me the absolute best way to watch a movie.
At our local movie house, eating wine gums, with my family...and it has to be a chick flick

2. Do you ever think about your own funeral? If so, do you have specific ideas about how you would like it to be?
I have planned my funeral down to the finest detail, I feel VERY strongly about it. My funeral will be attended by Grant, Roxy and Paula, Impi, Eunice and my Dad and aunt if they're still around. It will be conducted at the crematorium, there will be no singing, no flowers or any of that other nonsense. There will be a short prayer and that is it. I want the cheapest coffin they can find (funnily enough I had always wanted a pine coffin, with rope handles, but it turns out they are not the cheapest, who knew!) and my ashes must be chucked in the back garden.

3. Are you more of a giver or a taker? I hope it's pretty evenly balanced in the long run, I'd hate to think I'm a taker!

4. Vacations: planned activities and schedules, or play it by ear? Hee, hee...... I like to plan, big time! Our holidays are planned down to the last detail (don't laugh, but I actually use spreadsheets!!) I do realise and gracefully accept that the plans are going to be tweaked and tampered with in real life though.

5. What is one often overlooked item in your home that needs to be cleaned regularly?
The ceiling fans. Where does all that stuff come from??

6. Name a cause that means a lot to you.
Animal welfare. At the moment I am freaking out about the disgusting and horrific Zulu ceremony that is coming up soon in which a group of men kill a bull with their bare hands (ie they tear it apart!!) I think it is disgusting and disgraceful that this sort of thing is allowed to happen. Hateful!!

7. Do you eat a regular old peanut butter jelly sandwich, or do you customize it? And by the way, jelly or no jelly? Peanut butter and syrup on toast. Yum!

8. If we were having a conversation in person, how would I know if you were nervous?
I am hopeless at hiding my nervousness. I get all red around my neck (although nowdays thanks to my dodgy hormones I am nearly always all red around the face and neck...) my eyes dart around, I fidget. Believe me, you'd know!

9. Do you have an elaborate bedtime routine, or just the basics of tooth brushing and jammies?
I do the whole shower, night cream, baby powder.. thing and then I hop into bed and read. I can't sleep without reading, even if I go to bed in the early hours, I read for a while.

10. Have you ever regretted something you wrote on your blog?
Yes. 'Nuff said.

11. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous person or celebrity? Did you agree?
Oh my word, once when I was a LOT thinner and younger I was told I looked like Lady Di. Wow! Those were the days :-)

12. If you were going to dedicate a song to a loved one or friend, what would the song be and to whom would it be dedicated? Boyz II Men "One Sweet Day" - to my little brother, my gran and my aunt.


Gillian said...

nice post

Marsha said...

Enjoyed reading your answers Gill... but I'm still trying to figure out how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be anything but peanut butter and jelly though. Lidna says I'm too literal! LOL

angel said...

Very cool!
I miust sign up for this list thingy. Then again... I have "signed up" for these things before...

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