Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recipe for a perfect day

Today has been one of those blissful days that stands out from all the other grey, samey days around it.

* I woke up, bright and early this morning and waffled around the house doing my own thing. I absolutely love a day that begins with solitary me-time - even if that time is spent putting washing in the machine, feeding the pets and loading the dish-washer. The bottom line is I need that time alone with my thoughts at least once a week.

*The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the sea is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. A perfect Summer day on the South Coast of South Africa.

* I went to the shops (very briefly, fortunately) and happened upon a Terry's Orange Chocolate.

* Grant made us a couple of the most divine Pina Coladas. I'm loving this newly discovered talent of his and I have a strong feeling that this is going to be The Summer of The Cocktail. Oh yes, bring it on!

* For lunch we had a homemade prawn salad which was unbelievably delish.

* After lunch I retreated to my bed with a book and the Terry's Orange Chocolate. Bliss.

*Paula joined me on the bed and we painted our nails and talked about Robert Pattinson. A lot.

*Later on this evening we are going to the movies to see that gorgeous creature in action. I feel a bit like an over-excited teenager and I'm loving it. New Moon here we come. Team Edward all the way :-)

What a perfectly lovely day!

The only downer of the day was that Paula discovered the Top Secret, Extra Special, Big Surprise, Christmas present I have bought her. The little wretch!

I am extremely good at keeping a straight face when I want to pull a stupid stunt. Take this morning for example: I totally convinced Paula that I had discovered that the much coveted New Moon movie tickets I bought on-line 2 weeks ago were actually for last night instead of tonight (this would be a crisis of note as the movie is sold out all weekend and all her friends have tickets for the show this evening, vitally important that she should be there!!). I kept a perfectly straight face, looked completely devastated and even swore a little to keep things authentic. The girl was beside herself, for the entire 30 seconds that I managed to keep up the act!

Then why, oh why, can I not keep a straight face when it really counts?! This afternoon Paula came bounding up to me and announced that she had just thought of something she really, really wants for Christmas: A "Team Edward" T-Shirt! I, in fact, hit on this bright idea last weekend already and bought her the very thing on Tuesday in an auction on e-bay. I have been secretly hugging myself with excitement all week and picturing her face when she opens it on Christmas morning. The surprise, the delight!! Well that was the plan. My stupid face totally let me down. I swallowed hard, looked vaguely in her direction and muttered "Yes, that would be a lovely Christmas present..." Then I gave her a hug, trying desperately to look nonchalant, but evidently looking completely dumb, because she took one look at me and said "You've already bought me one, haven't you?" I tried so hard to look her in the eye and deny it, but there was no way I could pull it off, so now she knows..... Damn, damn, double damn!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hellllloooooo.....anybody out there.......???

I have not blogged for a month. A whole month! Bad, bad blogger!

If you're wondering why, and you want a straight-forward, honest answer, I have to tell you it's because my life is a bit of a train wreck at the moment. Nothing dramatic or earth-shattering going on, it's just.... me. I will admit it to you and you alone, I am being an hormonal, horrible cow at the moment - but don't tell the family, because I have cunningly (love that word!) convinced them that it's all their fault.

Life has just been so sucky at the moment. I know you are dying for me to elaborate (please say you are, because I am dying to elaborate!), so I will:

The weather has been abysmal. I now know for absolute certain that I could not live in the UK for any length of time (something I've always secretly kind of hankered after, after our aborted attempt at emigration) I have no doubt that I suffer from Seasonal Affecive Disorder (is that what it's called? I think so) We have had grey, rainy day after grey rainy day and it is driving me stark staring mad!

My children are all writing exams. Rox finished today on the very day that Paula started. Impi is writing matric and let's just say that science and maths are cause for concern.... The problem is that I take this way more seriously than they do, well apart from Paula who is a darling mini-me.

I am living with on-going genocide happening in my very bedroom. The cats are killing bunnies like you will not believe and bringing them into my house to boot. It is horrible. What really gets me down is that they look as happy as Hugh Hefner at a gang-bang while they are doing it. Oh my word and I love these animals (the cats and the bunnies) it is KILLING me!

There is this thing going on which involves some of my Zulu compatriots planning to kill a bull bare-handed by strangling it and gouging it's eyes out. It apparently happens annually, but this is the first time I have got to hear of it and it's upsetting me something terrible. It's called the First Fruits Festival. I know this has no direct bearing on life as such, but it's bugging me and making me more irritable than I already am. Which, by the way, is very irritable indeed.

There are Particular Family Members in my life that are behaving badly. Can't go into too much detail in this public forum, but suffice it to say that I would rather they were slightly more sensitive than the back end of a rhinoceros. That would be nice.

Okay, that's enough for now. Got to go and watch Private Practice.

Love you all and I WILL be back!! Trust me!