Monday, November 23, 2009

Hellllloooooo.....anybody out there.......???

I have not blogged for a month. A whole month! Bad, bad blogger!

If you're wondering why, and you want a straight-forward, honest answer, I have to tell you it's because my life is a bit of a train wreck at the moment. Nothing dramatic or earth-shattering going on, it's just.... me. I will admit it to you and you alone, I am being an hormonal, horrible cow at the moment - but don't tell the family, because I have cunningly (love that word!) convinced them that it's all their fault.

Life has just been so sucky at the moment. I know you are dying for me to elaborate (please say you are, because I am dying to elaborate!), so I will:

The weather has been abysmal. I now know for absolute certain that I could not live in the UK for any length of time (something I've always secretly kind of hankered after, after our aborted attempt at emigration) I have no doubt that I suffer from Seasonal Affecive Disorder (is that what it's called? I think so) We have had grey, rainy day after grey rainy day and it is driving me stark staring mad!

My children are all writing exams. Rox finished today on the very day that Paula started. Impi is writing matric and let's just say that science and maths are cause for concern.... The problem is that I take this way more seriously than they do, well apart from Paula who is a darling mini-me.

I am living with on-going genocide happening in my very bedroom. The cats are killing bunnies like you will not believe and bringing them into my house to boot. It is horrible. What really gets me down is that they look as happy as Hugh Hefner at a gang-bang while they are doing it. Oh my word and I love these animals (the cats and the bunnies) it is KILLING me!

There is this thing going on which involves some of my Zulu compatriots planning to kill a bull bare-handed by strangling it and gouging it's eyes out. It apparently happens annually, but this is the first time I have got to hear of it and it's upsetting me something terrible. It's called the First Fruits Festival. I know this has no direct bearing on life as such, but it's bugging me and making me more irritable than I already am. Which, by the way, is very irritable indeed.

There are Particular Family Members in my life that are behaving badly. Can't go into too much detail in this public forum, but suffice it to say that I would rather they were slightly more sensitive than the back end of a rhinoceros. That would be nice.

Okay, that's enough for now. Got to go and watch Private Practice.

Love you all and I WILL be back!! Trust me!


allie said...

Good to hear your voice, so to speak.
Flip, LOTS of sucky things going down in your zone hey!

Hang in there girl - one day the weather will clear and this time will just be a memory.

Things are generally slow in blogland - I think we are all backing off cyber-world a bit now as things rev up for the busy season.
PS: You still make me chortle - even when you're mad!

Joanne said...

as sensitive as the back end of a rhino - love it!

Shame on all your pain!. The bunny thing is still on then, get that bloody idiot next door to pen them somehow.

Heard about this horrific bull killing thing, i believe it goes to court today. I have nothing to add.

Great that you are back.

Tamara said...

Nice to hear some news. Hope the kids' exams all go well.

Anonymous said...

I too have disappeared on a bloggy hiatus! I believe it is the weather! How weird has the last month been? It has definately affected my mood! The sun will start shining again soon Gill - it has too - this is KZN!!!... Right?

Andrea said...

The best thing about where you are at the moment is that the only way is up :0)

Hang in, as all the others have said...this too will pass, and until it us all your blog buddies are here to commiserate.


Kirsty said...

LOVE your humour in there, despite all the sucky things going on!
Am with you on the weather! Could not tolerate the UK's abysmal weather anymore!

Redness said...

Ohhh Darling it all sounds ghastly ... Australia beckons! We've got an ex-pat jockey here, someone Schofield, riding winners and I think of you every time he goes past the post! Hope everything soon becomes bearable for YOU. xoxo

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