Thursday, July 28, 2011

Helllloooo Fat Face

I can't wait to be over 70... you know that age, when you don't give a #%*  what you say to anyone....

I've just had the following conversation with an elderly relative: 

Aged one:  I'm glad to see you've lost some weight since you got back from holiday!

Me: Um, actually I've gained .5kgs since I got back, in fact I lost 2.5kgs on holiday

Aged one: Funny, because your face looked really fat when you got back (complete with hand motions to indicate vast fatness of face)

Me: Ohhhh (what does one say to a compliment like that!) well I have definitely gained weight since I got back. 

Aged one: maybe it's because you've had your hair cut that you look thinner. 


Fortunately, I can see the funny side of a situation like this..... I've had years of experience....

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Good on you for holding back. I would've said something mean ;-)

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