Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been a long week

It's weird how one day can set the tone for a whole week.  In fact, one hour set the tone for my week, this week.  Witness Monday morning between 07:30am and 08:30am:

  • Once the family had left for their respective places of work I savoured the peace and quiet for about 30 seconds and then stepped into the shower.  Now bear in mind it was a cooooold morning...  I reach for the soap and discover that Grant has left me a piece of soap the size of my thumb nail to lather with!  Irritation!  (I love my husband dearly, but at that moment, not so much!) I got out the shower, wrapped my towel around me, dug in the cupboard for more soap, spent what felt like 10 minutes trying to extricate the soap from the layers of plastic wrapped securely around it, shivered violently, dumped my now damp towel on the floor and eventually returned to the shower.  Annoyed.
  • 08:25am, time to leave for work.  I push the remote to open my garage door and the door groans, opens a couple of inches and dies on me.  Phone Grant, he says I need to "help the door up".  Spend a few minutes wrestling with the garage door.  Finally get it open.
  • I reverse out of the garage and bash my side mirror on the wall of the garage door - first time I have ever put a scratch on my car.  (Background story:  I had to move out of my normal parking spot on the weekend because Grant's new car decided it wanted my car's parking place)  VERY annoyed.
  • Get to work, go to the cupboard to get the dogs their biscuits.  (Background story:  I work in the "granny flat" in my Dad's back yard.  I love my Dad's dogs and every morning when I get to work I give them a dog biscuit so that they love me in return.)  Allie (my Dad's ridgeback pup, a.k.a "the co-worker" for anyone who has me on facebook) leaps up, knocks the full box of biscuits out of my hand and biscuits spew out all over the floor.  I get down on my knees and try to pick up the biscuits faster than Allie, Rud and Jackie can eat them.... this involves being knocked about in the face with a couple of dogs tails and mucking about in an awful lot of drool and biscuit crumbs.  Jackie gets all excited and decides to discipline the other dogs by barking furiously in my ear.  EXTREMELY annoyed.
  • Sweep the floor, wash my arms and hands, brush my hair and try to "gather myself"
  • Turn on my computer and it is dead...dead....dead...... 
And no, the rest of the week has not been much better.......

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