Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gotta love this man!

I'll be honest, when Grant and I started dating it wasn't his intellect I was attracted to, it wasn't his kind-nature, or his generosity of spirit, it was ..... his butt!  He had a mighty fine butt.  He may be a bit on the plump side nowdays, with a few more wrinkles and a lot less hair, but he still has a very satisfactory bottom.  (Just in case you were wondering.)  However, if you had to ask me today what attracts me to Grant I would without a shadow of a doubt tell you that it's the fact that he makes me laugh.  Grant makes me laugh out loud every single day of my life.  And I think that's a pretty good foundation for a relationship to be built on, especially when you're getting a bit long in the tooth and rather saggy baggy here and there.

To illustrate the kind of stuff that goes on in our household daily, have a peek at the conversation we had over dinner last night:

Grant, Paula and I had been to movies to see "Friends with Benefits" and we had then popped in to John Dory's for some supper.

Gill:  I really enjoyed the movie, I thought he acted surprisingly well.
Grant:  Yes, he reminded me of..........
Paula and I look at him blankly
Gill:  Grant, you DO know the guy in the movie was Justin Timberlake?  Surely you knew that?!
Grant: Was he?  I didn't know that! 
Paula and I look at each other, roll our eyes and laugh
Grant: I thought he looked like........searches his memory for the name...... Will, he looked like Will.
Paula: Who the heck is Will?
Grant:  You know that guy, the one from the Vampire movies, you like him a lot.
Paula: Rob?
Grant: YES that's the one!
Gill and Paula: Huh?
Paula:  No Dad, Justin's a singer, he looks nothing like Rob
Grant: I know he's a singer, he sings that song with the ping-pong balls, the one that goes (Grant gives a surprisingly good imitation of a ping-pong ball)
Paula and I start laughing
Paula:  NO Dad, Enrique Iglesias sings the ping-pong song!
Grant: Is Justin Timberlake the same as Timbaland?
giggle, giggle
Paula: NO Dad, definitely not!
Grant:  Well I DO know who the girl who was his sister in the movie is, she's that Katherine Heigl chick who played Phoebe in Friends!
Paula and I start laughing... loudly!
Gill:  No Grant, Katherine Heigl was Izzy in Grey's!
Grant: Oh well, same thing.
Paula:  You're hopeless.
Grant:  Yes, but I DO know who Anne Hathaway is!
Gill: Indeed you do, but that's only because you have a crush on her!
Grant:  Yes, but I ALSO know Kate Witherspoon.
Paula and I start laughing... loudly!
Gill: Who on earth is Kate Witherspoon?
Grant:  You know!  The blonde one.
Gill: Reese Witherspoon? Kate Winslet?
Grant:  Yes, I know Kate Winslet... she was in Titanic.
Gill and Paula: Okay, we'll give you that one!

*By the way, I thought the movie was really nice but, be warned, you have to be open to a fair amount of gratuitous sex (I'm cool with that) and you have to be willing to ogle Justin Timberlakes deliciously naked torso and very naked rear end (I am sooooo cool with that)

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