Tuesday, October 18, 2011

About Pinterest

I have found something fun and exciting on the “interwebs” that I thought I’d share.  It’s called Pinterest.  I know a lot of you have probably been there, done that and I am rather late coming to this particular party, but for those of you who haven’t here’s a little mini-tutorial.

What’s it all about?  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, where you can collect and store interesting pictures and links and also share them with your friends.  You can (and, if you’re anything like me, will!) have numerous pinboards in your profile eg crafts, cooking, home décor, quotes…. Etc.

How do you go about getting it?

Well, you’ll need to go to the Pinterest website Here

As it is your first time, you will click on the Request an Invite button.

After a while (probably a few hours) you will receive an email with a link in it that you will click (or copy and paste into your browser if your email account doesn’t allow you to follow links)  The link will take you to a web page that looks like this:

You can sign up with either facebook or twitter.  I signed up using facebook, which was very easy to do.  And don’t worry about your every move being reported on facebook – have no fear, that’s not going to happen.

A screen that looks like this will appear:
The names of your friends who are on Pinterest will appear in the section I have untidily blacked out

Log in and this screen will appear:

If you are worried about giving too much permission to apps, click “Don’t allow” on this screen, otherwise Allow

On the next screen pick a username, type in your email address and choose a password (you might want to save these somewhere)

On the next screen click on the things that interest you

Now click on

On the next screen:

Fill in a name for the board (eg crafts, home décor, Christmas, food……)
Choose a category for the board – click on the drop down menu for options
Click Create Board

***Now the fun starts!!*** 

You want to pin things to your board! 
You can either type in a word in the Search box (top, left) or click on the word Everything to browse the site and choose interesting things to pin to your board.  You can also add things to your board from any website as you browse the web, by adding the “Pin it” button to your favourites bar..Click Pin It Button on the screen below

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! 
Let’s start by pinning something from the Pinterest site:-

I clicked on “Everything" on the  Pinterest page and found something I want to add to a board:  I hovered my cursor over the top left of the picture and then clicked on the Repin button on the upper left (see below)

  The following screen came up:

I clicked on the down arrow, chose my board called Food, added my own description (in this case Crockpot baked potatoes) and clicked Pin It
(You can also create a new board at this stage, simply click the drop down arrow, at the very bottom, under your current boards, you can type in the name of a new board and click Create)
Trust me, you can spend hours browsing around the Pinterest site and adding things to your boards.

If you want to view your boards
Click on your name at the very top, right of the screen:

Click Boards to view your boards (you can also edit them)

Have fun!  But be warned, it’s very addictive! 

Oh, and I’d love it if you added me to your Pinterest friends!


Angel said...

I have fun playing on Pinterest! I've been in it for a while now.
Here's a little tip for you- if you're pinning a picture off a website, highlighting a section of text from that website that goes with the picture will automatically put the selected text into your description field when you click on "Pin It"!

Angel said...

Come find me so I can follow your boards!

retriever said...

Interesting, i don't knowed it, greeting from Belgium, happy halloweenand sunday.

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