Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tough guys do it in the dirt

On Saturday morning Rox, Paula and I were having a very relaxed morning, the 3 of us were tucked up in my bed, drinking coffee and eating rusks, when the gate bell rang and there was Grant's friend, Mark, and Grant, looking very pale and bloodied, minus his mountain bike..... not good!

He'd come off his bike going down hill at about 45km per hour.  What baffles me is that the crazy man then got back on his bike and cycled 6kms back to the base??!!

We sprang into action, cut his cycling gear off of him, cleaned him up as best we could and I carted him off to casualty.  Long story short, he has a minor injury to his shoulder (the doctor in casualty initially said it was a broken scapula, so minor injury is good news!) and really mean roasties right down his one side, plus a few stitches in his left hand.

Turns out Grant wasn't the only Bundu-basher to take a tumble on Saturday.  One of the young guys in his cycling club took a heck of a tumble.  Get this!  He was riding in a race and was taken out by a Red Hartebees (a large buck) How insane is that! The guy behind him had a video camera attached to his helmet and captured the whole thing on video.

Evan was badly concussed, but is out of hospital and back at school.

You've got to hand it to these mountain bikers, they're tough!!


Tamara said...

Hectic! Glad he's ok.

That clip has been making the rounds. Thank goodness the rider was wearing a helmet. The buck is now tweeting too (@TheRedHartebees).

My fave Tweet: "What the Springbok cannot do the Hartebees can! Bring Bryce Lawrence to a mountain bike trail #StompingMad!!"

Teena in Toronto said...


Angel said...

I just saw a couple of other people talking about this video and wondered where I could look for it!
Those photos made me cringe! I am glad he's not seriously eina.

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