Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Wedding!

My Roxy-girl is now Mrs Wilkins!

The wedding went SO well.  It was really everything Roxy dreamed of.  We could honestly not have wished for a more perfect day.

The weather was ideal, the venue was charming, Roxy looked breath-takingly beautiful, the groom was handsome and smiling, the bridesmaids looked lovely, the flower-girls and page-boy were edibly cute and took their duties so adorably seriously I wanted to kiss them, the food was delicious, the music was sublime and the company was fantastic..... what more could we have asked for?

Rox and Jon chose to be married at Shalwyn, which was SUCH a good choice.  It felt so right.  Very Roxy and Jon.

The families all gathered there on Friday afternoon, staying in the self-catering cottages on the property which were very comfortable (all the bedrooms were en-suite which made my little heart happy.... I have a thing about sharing bathrooms.)  Rox and her bridesmaids spent a very relaxed  evening with us and then went off to the honey-moon suite, where they stayed until it was time for the wedding on Saturday morning.  This arrangement worked out so well, as they were out of the buzz on Saturday and were able to relax and enjoy the morning.

I got up very early on Saturday morning (well I had no choice, I got an sms from Rox at 04:45: Morning, morning, it's my wedding day!) and at about 07:30 I headed over to the honey-moon suite where our wonderful hair-stylist Tracey was already hard at work (she'd been there since 6am!) dispensing her own particular brand of humour and wisdom and styling the girls' hair too.  I swear Tracey kept us all sane on Saturday!  The make-up lady was also busy making the girls more beautiful than they already are, she was lovely - calm, quiet and unobtrusive.  We really had a good morning, busy, at times quite hectic, occasionally a bit tearful but always lots of fun.

It wasn't long before Sam arrived to take photos and what felt like moments later it was time to head off to the chapel.  Rox was adamant she was going to be on time and we would have been, had the guests not taken a moment or two longer to enter the chapel than expected.  Thanks to modern technology we were alerted to this fact and we parked on the side of the road for 5 minutes! Which was quite a good thing because at this point Paula realised she had forgotten to put deodorant on and could quickly scratch for her deo in the boot and resolve that little issue.... :-)

Watching Grant walk Rox down the aisle was a moment that will live with me forever.  She looked beautiful.  Grant was fighting back tears the entire time which was really touching and had me reaching for my tissue too.

The service was lovely.  Simple, reverent and heart-felt.  Very fitting.

After the service we had starters and drinks on the lawn and the deck, with lots of group and family photos happening too.  Then it was time to head into the beautifully decorated venue and have speeches, lunch, drinks and chat.  All very relaxed.

Rox and Jon sensibly decided to break with tradition on a number of fronts, one being the main table.  They sat at the main table with the bridesmaids and groomsmen and their partners.  The parents sat at tables with their friends which was a big relief to me! I think everyone had a lot more fun this way.  Rox also decided to give a speech at her wedding, she felt like she had things to say and so she said them.  Go Rox!

Everything was just so happy and relaxed and Rox and Jono literally beamed the whole way through.

I have to give a shout out to our music man Chris Jensen - he was AMAZING.  So many people came and asked me about him.  He is a one-man-band of sorts, playing mainly the sax.  Really classy!

Things came to a close at about 4ish when we said a fun farewell to Rox and Jon, who then went off  to have photos done - just them and the photographers.  We got a final chance to say our family good-byes about an hour or so later.  Rox had intended changing before they set off on honey-moon, but loved her dress so much (it was absolutely gorgeous!) that she drove all the way to Durban in it and a pair of gumboots!!

We had our own little after-party on Saturday evening.  Nice relaxed time with family and friends.  A perfect way to end a perfect day!

Big thanks to Ralph and Shell for providing me with these photos.... they are the only ones I will have until the professional photos arrive, so they're VERY precious!

A list of suppliers:

Venue: Shalwyn
Catering: Hamblins
Music: Chris Jensen
Dress: Carita Bridal
Photos: Samantha Maber Photography
Hair: Tracey Eady from Rollers and Pins, Shelly Beach
Make-up: Professional Make-up Studio


Jenny in Durbs said...

Absolutely stunning bride & venue from the photos. What a fantastic wedding. Wow just gorgeous. Don't know how you stayed so calm....

Teena in Toronto said...

Great pics! I love the boots :)

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